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2016 Pantone colour of the year

I look forward to finding out what Pantone will name colour of the year, every year. I don’t always love what’s selected but I do enjoy seeing more and more of that colour appear in our day to day lives and enjoy watching home decor and fashion trends incorporate it as the year moves forward. Sometimes it can be fun to track trends.

This year Pantone selected a blend of two colours for their colour(s) of 2016, rose quartz and serenity (http://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2016)


I expect we will see lots of this combination come the Spring and Summer. When I first saw it, I instantly imagined a flow-y gauzy summer dress blowing softly in a warm summer breeze. If only I knew how to design clothing!

I have to say that I love this combination and plan to challenge myself to use these colours in some upcoming jewellery designs. This combination makes me feel calm, what does it inspire in you? We’d love to hear from you in comments!


Paying it forward: Cut for the Cure

Robyn and I have always been very grateful for all the support people have shown us over the years, since we started this little project called Drakestail Jewellery. We feel it’s important to pay it forward in every way possible.

When I came to Winnipeg in September for The Foxy Shoppe‘s Fall launch event, I met a very beautiful soul named Kristine. She welcomed me to this city very warmly.  She has supported Drakestail Jewellery’s vintage line, not only by purchasing two sets but by telling everyone where she got them, who makes them, etc. She’s been a true gem. She told me her work was hosting an event in November to raise funds for cancer research, and I offered a set of our vintage-inspired jewellery as a prize donation for the event.

The 2nd annual Cut for the Cure is a fundraising event supporting the Canadian Cancer Society.   The Cut for the Cure will be held in The Shops of Winnipeg Square, centre court, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Wednesday November 27th, 2013.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. In addition to the cut-a-thon, they are selling tickets for a variety of exciting prizes ($5.00 for 1 ticket, or an arm’s length for $20). There will also be live music provided by musical duo Luke & Murray.  This great event is organized by 360 Hair & Nails, a full service Hair and Nail Salon located below Portage Ave. and Main Street in The Shops of Winnipeg Square.

If you are in the Winnipeg area, I urge you to make your way down to Winnipeg Square on Wednesday this week!

Click here for the event on Facebook.


Cut for the Cure poster

Home at last

Well from September 26th to October 13th, I lived my life as a travelling jewellery maker. I left Edmonton early on a Thursday morning to head to Winnipeg and prepare the launch of our Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery line at The Foxy Shoppe. I met some fantastic new friends, we got a large list of custom orders and the new line was very well received. I had the opportunity to work with Dano Tanaka Illustrator on our catalogue pictures for the new line. Once again, he made our pieces look amazing! All in all I can’t complain one bit about that trip.

After that I made my way to Ottawa for 13 days of vacation. I enjoyed a wonderful family dinner for my Mom’s 60th birthday, visited our cabin by the lake, spent lots of time with friends, spent lots of time with Robyn talking about the future of our company and where we want to take things.

I also really enjoyed taking in the views. There is nothing quite like the Fall season in the Gatineau Hills around Ottawa. It’s breathtaking, and also inspirational to this jewellery designer. I expect lots of Fall colour inspired pieces in my future.

My Mom's backyard

I’ve been home now for almost 2 weeks and I have to say it’s still challenging to get back into a groove with work, volunteer projects and Drakestail. I always seem to have so much on the go. All in all, my trip inspired a lot of thoughts about my future, it nurtured the gypsy in my soul and although I had to fight my cat to reclaim my little work station, it’s great to be home again.


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