We are extremely proud of our Vintage by Drakestail line.  Our first design set includes the crystal-based Swarovski pearls, and our signature stardust bead in sterling silver. The clasp and hardware are all quality silver filled parts.

What does “silver filled” mean?

You may be asking, what does silver filled mean? You’re probably familiar with the term “sterling silver” and the .925 stamp that usually accompanies it. The .925 represents the purity of the metal: 925/1000 parts pure silver, and 75/1000 other metals. You are also likely familiar with jewellery that is silver-plated, which has a thin layer of silver layered over another metal.  Silver filled jewellery is a happy medium between the two.  Instead of a thin surface layer of silver, silver filled materials have a much thicker layer that won’t wear away under regular use.  The thick layer makes the metal non-allergenic as well.

silver plated and silver filled wire
A comparison of silver plated vs. silver filled wire. Image courtesy wire-sculpture.com

Silver filled materials are relatively new to the market, though gold filled materials have been available for years.  Silver filled jewellery has the benefit of the gorgeous shine of silver, but at a fraction of the cost.  Sterling silver has become quite expensive and silver filled jewellery provides great value for a high-quality product.  With the cost of silver still on the rise, this new form of jewellery components will likely grow in popularity.

We’d love to hear your experience with this great new material.  Have you purchased silver filled jewellery before?  If so, how has your experience been?