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Drakestail Jewellery has a new retail location!

I’m quite happy to announce Drakestail Jewellery has found a 3rd retail location! Our very popular “Tree of Life” pendants will soon be available for sale at Heaven Scent Flowers in Gimli, Manitoba.

I went for a lovely Spring mini road trip a couple weeks ago to visit Gimli, where I met Lenore Chartrand, the owner of Heaven Scent Flowers. Her shop is so charming and we are sure the tree of life pendants will be a perfect fit! Gimli is a beautiful resort town on the west shores of Lake Winnipeg. Gimli hosts a plethora of summer festivals every year and is also a beautiful beach, camping, cottaging and boating destination, if you’ve never visited before, I highly recommend you do so this summer!

Our line of vintage inspired Swarovski crystal pearl jewellery can still be purchased from Rowena/RetroGlam in Edmonton, Alberta and from The Foxy Shoppe in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our unique, one of kind pieces will be found this summer at local art shows in and around Ottawa and Winnipeg. Of course, you can always contact us to make you that special custom piece!

We are working hard on bringing our jewellery to most major cities in Canada over the next year, and of course, in the meantime, you can always shop our ETSY store online from anywhere on the globe!


Tree of Life with green jasper
Tree of Life pendant with green jasper gemstone chips.


Gorgeous new photos!

We’ve got some lovely new photos of our jewellery!  We sent a package of our jewellery pieces off to Dano Tanaka, the photographer who took a batch of photos for us not long ago.   He gave them the star treatment, and we couldn’t be happier.  He really knows how to make the gems and pearls and crystals all just light up and show off their colour in the best possible way.  We’ve got a few photos for you here, and they will all make their way onto Etsy soon!

Gorgeous new photos by Dano Tanaka.
Gorgeous new photos by Dano Tanaka.


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