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Secret Love Notes: A Great Valentine’s Gift

I’m always excited when people ask us to make special items as gifts for people.  A few weeks ago we received an email asking for us to make a custom necklace.  Our client wanted a variation on our Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery line, using our gorgeous Swarovski crystals, and as soon as I read the email I was excited to get started!

Our client explained to me that any time he texts with his wife, he always ends the conversation with XOXO.  He wanted to put that into a Valentine’s gift, and came up with the idea of using XOXO in Morse code, -..- — -..- —, spelled out in pearls.  After discussing colour options, he picked Rosaline pink to represent the dashes, and lavender to represent the dots.  He chose light gold for the rest of the necklace.  As soon as he made his picks, I got to work, curious to see the end result.

The Morse code was a great idea and the necklace turned out great.  I tucked in one of our signature stardust beads, which he loved as well.

XOXO Morse Code Necklace with Swarovski Pearls

Want to send a secret message to someone?  We’d love to do more Morse code pieces!  What would you want your jewellery to tell the world?

100 Day Challenge: Day 62. Rosaline pink Swarovski pearl bobby pins

I seem to be thinking a lot about hair accessories this week, so I decided to make another set of wire-wrapped pearl bobby pins.  These are using Swarovski pearls in Rosaline, a soft, light pink.  The lighting in this photo isn’t the best – to see a more accurate colour of these pearls look at the cluster hair clip I made a couple days ago.

Rosaline Swarovski pearl wire-wrapped bobby pins, by Drakestail Jewellery.  www.drakestail.com
100 Day Challenge: Day 62. Rosaline Swarovski pearl wire-wrapped bobby pins.

100 Day Challenge: Day 11

Since I’ve been playing around with hair accessories, I’ve had all kinds of ideas for beaded pretties to wear in my hair.  Not everyone is a tiara person, but who doesn’t like a little bling in their hair now and then?

Today’s project takes a set of 6 bobby pins and some light gold Swarovski pearls, and creates a pretty set of wire-wrapped pearl hair pins.  They’d be a great set  to tuck into a bride’s hair, or for anyone who wants to dress up their ‘do.  I like how the wraps turned out – not overly flashy, and fairly neat.  The focus stays on the pearls.

100 Day Challenge: Day 11
100 Day Challenge: Day 11. A set of 6 Swarovski pearl hair pins.
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