Looking to turn lead into gold?

Ok, we haven’t gone that far, but scientists have found bacteria that (sort of) makes gold!

Tiny bits of gold!

Gold chloride is a toxic byproduct of mining. Delftia acidovorans and Cupriavidus metallidurans are 2 species that have developed a resistance to the heavy metal toxin. They eat the toxic mix and poop out 24k gold.

Bio-lab/art piece “The Great Work of the Metal Lover" featuring gold producing bacteria
Bio-lab/art piece “The Great Work of the Metal Lover” featuring gold-producing bacteria

Is it going to change the gold market? Probably not, the toxic feed is still costly, and it’s not like artificially created gemstones have stopped the demand for naturally occurring stones. There is, however, talk of using the bacteria to help extract gold out of the mining waste, thereby reducing or eliminating the toxic byproduct, or even using the bacteria’s presence to test soil samples and find the best place for future mining.

gold bracelet
So we can make you more pretty things like this!

All in all, it’s a pretty cool discovery with positive environmental application potential, and a little extra shimmer.

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