I quite liked the combination of dark smoky quartz with the pale rose quartz in yesterday’s earrings.  I’m not always a fan of wearing pink, so to me the smoky grey-brown of the other beads mellows it out, and makes it feminine but not overly girly.  So, of course, I kept right on going.  🙂

Today’s project is a bracelet using the same set of beads.  Both quartzes are grouped and spaced with little silver spacers – tiny rounds for the smoky quartz and petite daisy spacers for the rose quartz, same as the ones used in the earrings.  I finished it off with a magnetic clasp, an easy option for putting on a bracelet.  I love how it turned out, and already have plans for tomorrow’s project to be a matching necklace.  Stay tuned!

100 Day Challenge: Day 9
100 Day Challenge: Day 9. More rosee quartz, more smoky quartz, now in a posh bracelet.