A long time ago (more than a year), I started making a pair of hair combs.  They had sparkly rose-coloured irridescent crystals and ivory pearls, twisted into delicate branches and wrapped onto silver-plated combs.  They were about 3/4 done, and then I lost them.  I was heartbroken because a lot of work went into making them.  I hunted and searched but they were nowhere to be found.

Fast forward to a week ago, I was hunting through an organizer (which is not organized at all, but has a lot of beads dumped in it to be sorted in the future) and found the combs!  Since I was on a roll with hair accessories this week, today seemed like the perfect time to polish them off.

Ivory pearl and irridescent rose crystal hair combs by Drakestail Jewellery.  www.drakestail.com
100 Day Challenge: Day 63. Ivory pearl and irridescent rose crystal hair combs.