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Team Meeting and a Photo Shoot!

Drakestail Team photo

Since Roxy lives in Winnipeg and Trish and I live in Ottawa, we do most of our chatting over Skype or Facebook messenger. This past weekend, however, Roxy visited Ottawa and the three of us got to meet up in person!


After stuffing ourselves silly at breakfast, we went to Carleton university for a photo shoot. We went for a lovely walk around campus and took advantage of all the green space and shot some team photos. Since this was the first time the three of us were together since Trish joined Drakestail, we needed some pictures of the three of us together.

Of course, us being us, the day wasn’t completely serious…

Drakestail photoshoot outtakes

And I did get side-tracked by a loon swimming on the Rideau Canal behind us.  It got nick-named “jerk bird” because it kept diving when I’d line up a shot.

The jerk bird.

But we had a great time, talked about business and about life, and got some great photos of the whole team together.

Drakestail Team photo

Photo shoot!

We are a day late with our regular Wednesday blog post this week, but we are sure you will agree it was worth the wait!

In studio photo by Dano Tanaka.

We were thrilled to sponsor a photography session with Dano Tanaka Illustrator this week.

Of course, we love how our jewellery looks in studio shoots, as pictured here, but sometimes it’s fun to change things up and see how they would look in a different setting and on an actual person!

Shot at Dano Tanaka Illustrator studio in Winnipeg Manitoba.

I paired this stunning dragonskin jade pendant with base metal dragonfly beads and translucent tree agate rounds that vary in colour from smokey white to dark forest green.

We are very happy with how this shoot turned out. The landscape really sets off the colour of the dragonskin jade stone.




These earthy stones and dragonflies photographed in a natural background in warm neutral colours really give this necklace a different feel from the studio shot. It is amazing to work with such a talented photographer who really understands a client’s vision, and brings it to life!

Drakestail Jewellery Photo Shoot
Our Dragonskin necklace was featured in a professional photo shoot by Dano Tanaka.

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