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Peridot: August Birthstone

Happy birthday to all of you fabulous August babies.  Your birthstone is the appropriately summery peridot, a light green gemstone evocative of dappled summer foliage and citrusy limes.

Peridot is the gemstone variety of the mineral olivine.  It gets its colour from iron, and the more iron is present, the deeper the green.  It has an average hardness of 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs scale, making it sturdy enough for the wear and tear of jewellery.

Peridot develops crystals deep within the earth’s crust and is brought to the surface during volcanic activity. In Hawaii, peridot is known as Pele’s tears, named after the goddess of fire and volcanoes. It can also be found in meteorites, though these are extremely rare and not likely to be found in jewellery.

The first known use of peridot dates back to ancient Egypt, from gems mined on a volcanic island in the Red Sea.  This was the only ancient source of peridot, and has now been exhausted.

These days, most peridot is mined in Arizona, Kashmir and China.  It can also be found in Hawaii, as well as Myanmar, Australia, Norway, South Africa, and Brazil.

Peridot is used as a soothing stone and is reputed to protect against negative emotions.

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Peridot tree of life pendant

A peridot custom jewellery order

photoWe often are contacted with custom order requests and we enjoy the process immensely. Of course we love designing pieces just for fun but working with a client, interpreting their vision, and designing something special just for them, is a lot of fun too.

Most of the time, requests for custom orders are for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or a special birthday. Recently I was contacted to design a different kind of custom order and I wanted to share that story with you.

A little less than a year ago, my very good friend lost her mother to cancer. Only a short 8 weeks after her initial diagnosis, she passed. It all happened so quickly. Michelle has spent the last year dealing with the loss of her mom, feeling roller coasters of emotions I can only begin to understand and for some reason, through all that, she’s been a huge support to me, always there to listen and offer an ear when I’ve had a bad day. My bad days are nothing compared to what hers have been, but there she always is.

I’m always honoured when people choose me to design their custom jewellery. It’s a significant thing to be involved in something that is so sentimental to our clients but this was my first request from a close friend, and my only request for something of this nature. A commemorative necklace, for Michelle and her Baba (grand-mother), in honour of her mother.

Michelle and I (over emails, because she lives in Halifax) talked about design details, what stones to incorporate and sizing required. When the pieces were complete I shipped them out, one to Halifax for Michelle and one here locally in Edmonton for her Baba.

I cried when we discussed the design, I cried while I was making the necklaces and I cried when I put them in the mail. They’ve become quite precious to me, as I hope they are for Michelle and Mrs Kolada.

Thanks for indulging me by reading this blog post.



Gotta Love Those Pearls!

We’ve got some fun news!  Wire-sculpture.com has written up a great Gem Profile blog article about pearls.  (If you’re interested in learning about gemstones, their weekly Gem Profile series is very educational)  Not only are we huge fans of pearls, we love the fact that they included one of our bracelets in their blog!

2012-02 003
First Leaves of Spring, a lovely bracelet strung with freshwater pearls and petite peridot coin beads. Click the photo to see the listing on Etsy!

Happy New Year, and a great link

I hope your new year has gotten off to a great start, and that 2012 is everything you’d hoped for, and more.

I love to read jewellery blogs and learn about techniques, fashion, and materials.  I came across a wonderful blog posted on Ganoksin, a website devoted to goldsmithing and other jewellery creation.  The particular post that caught my eye was one on the history of Peridot, the gemstone for August.  Since I couldn’t possibly say it better myself, here is the link: The Story of Peridot.


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