This past weekend was double the fun!  Drakestail Jewellery got accepted into two craft shows on the same date, so Trish and I (Robyn) each went to a different show.  Both were a great success.

Trish got to participate in the inaugural Something New Edinburgh show and had a great time.  The food was delicious, the vibe was great, and it was very well attended.  Definitely a show we want to be part of next year!

Drakestail Something New Edinburgh 2015
Trish’s gorgeous display at Something New Edinburgh

I got to participate in the All Saints CHS Craft and Gift Sale. This show is an old favourite – this is my fourth year attending, and it was as fun as ever. I had some lovely neighbours, some returning and some new. The parking lot was full most of the day and folks were parking out on the street to come on in. I even had a lovely student volunteer, Matt, watch my booth while I got a bit of my own Christmas shopping done. And a cheesecake, I also got a delicious cheesecake. 🙂

Some views at All Saints. Oh my, what’s that on the Drakestail table? Stay tuned…

A big thanks to the organizers for both the shows!

We’ve got one more event coming up, and Trish and I will be teaming up with Carolyn of Maidenstar Jewellery at Tudor Hall on Sunday, November 22nd. We’ll see you there!