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It’s MAC time again!

Once again, we’re heading in to one of our favourite Ottawa shows: the MAC Fair.  Clear your schedule this Saturday, December 3rd, because Drakestail Jewellery, along with over 100 other local makers, will be showcasing our fabulous wares.  MAC Fair is strictly handmade, and there’s definitely something for everyone on your Christmas list.


Big shows and custom orders

Two Custom Orders by Drakestail Jewellery www.drakestail.com

I’d like to start off by thanking the organizers of the All Saints craft show for putting on such a fun and well-organized event.  I’d especially like to thank them for putting me between two awesome vendors: Totally Squared had some delicious dessert squares on my right (and I absolutely indulged and feel zero guilt about it), and Hali’s Essentials on my left, which meant I got to enjoy little wafts of scent from her homemade bath and beauty products all day.  It’s a tough life, I tell ya.

My next upcoming show is the Home, Heart, and Handmade Indie Craft Fair.  On November 22nd, this new-to-me show will be at the Glebe Community Centre, and I can’t wait to go.  The vendor line-up is huge and quite varied and I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll get a lot of my own Christmas shopping done there.  I love shopping local and every vendor will have great handmade items to drool over.

In between shows, I’ve had a couple of custom orders to create.  The first was a request for a necklace, meant to be a Christmas gift.  It features soothing smoky quartz and an aquamarine cluster, as well as a stamped charm with the recipient’s name.  This is only my second stamping project and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

My other custom order was a set of beaded pearl hair elastics destined to be accessories for a wedding party.  They are all matching in pale pink, and the elastics are in “blonde” and “brunette” colours to match the wearers’ hair.  They’re going to look gorgeous!


Two Custom Orders by Drakestail Jewellery www.drakestail.com
A custom necklace with smoky quartz, aquamarine, and name charm, and a set of pink pearl hair elastics for a lovely wedding party!

First show of the season: All Saints CHS Craft Fair

I can’t believe it’s already that time of the year: Christmas craft fair season! Summer seems like just yesterday, and Halloween is still around the corner. The year is flying by.
Drakestail Jewellery will be making its first seasonal craft fair appearance on Saturday, November 1st at the All Saints Catholic High School‘s annual Christmas craft fair. This is a big show, and I’m looking forward to being back again. There will be a great selection of artists and artisans.  There will be a Children’s Corner, where kids can play while parents shop.  There will also be a Coffee House and some terrific raffle prizes!  Funds raised will go towards the school’s Christmas Hamper program.

Come on out and pick up some great handmade, unique items for your favourite people on your list, and yourself!

Visit our Facebook Event for details, or click on the show in the calendar on the right!

T.H.A.T. Craft Fair Ottawa

I’m excited to announce that Drakestail Jewellery will be at the Totally Handmade Artisan Trinkets (T.H.A.T.) Craft Fair on June 14th!  This is a brand new show in Ottawa, and will be taking place at 429 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, at the Parkdale United Church.

Since this is a brand new fair, I thought it would be fun to ask a few questions of the organizers, Breanne & Kate.

What was your inspiration to create T.H.A.T. Craft Fair?

K. Personally, I wanted to help create a vendor show that focused on handmade art–work that represents what our local community members are passionate about.
B. I started attending craft fairs in October and found that I kept meeting so many awesome local vendors making products that I would much rather buy from someone local vs. a large company. I have always had a passion for organizing events so it just seemed natural to me that I combine my new found passion for supporting these awesome local vendors and my love for organizing events.

Are you crafters yourselves? If so, how long have you been doing it?

K. Yes we are! I started BabyMakes Products last summer when I needed to supplement our household income when both my husband and I lost our jobs shortly after my third child was born. I have always made all-natural and gluten-free body care products for my own family but bringing it to the Cumberland Farmers Market opened up a new world to me.
B. Yes! I have been making dog collars for over 2 years now when I found it difficult to find affordable and cute dog collars. I did some research and started making my own and then launched Scruff Collars. I used to do crafts every Saturday as a kid so now I call this my adult arts and crafts.

How did you choose the two charities that the show is supporting?

K. I have been a theatre professional for 20 years and recently started working with Orleans-based Tale Wagging Theatre. This is a vital time for TWT as we prepare for our debut production in September at the Shenkman Arts Centre.
B. We decided because there were two of us that we would each pick one charity so we each picked one that is near and dear to our hearts. I picked New Beginnings Pet Rescue because it is the rescue that I got my dog, Denver, from and that is really where this all started. They are a small rescue that gets no funding so I try and give back to them whenever I can.

What are your goals for this Fair?

K. Given that we have chosen a date that coincides with WestFest and the weekly Parkdale Market, I expect a great deal of foot traffic through our venue at Parkdale United Church. The visibility and exposure that our vendors will receive will be very impressive.
B. To help try and support local people just like me. I hope that through this fair we can help promote some amazing local people that work very hard and are very passionate about what they do. Also, to try and help us all grow our audiences and our businesses in the local community.

Do you have any further plans for handmade/artisan events? Do you want this to be a recurring fair?

K. I think I speak for both Breanne and myself when I forecast that yes, you can expect to see more of THAT Craft Fair in the future. Not to let the cat out of the bag, but we are already talking about a November date for our next event.
B. Personally, I hope that this is just the beginning. We are already hoping to run fairs in the future.

Is there anything else that you think that vendors, or attendees, would like to know?

K. If you are someone who feels the need to create, I would like to say FOLLOW THAT INSTINCT! Create, work, live in art–our community is drawn together by artists. Follow your passion.
B. That we are two local artisans trying to grow the idea of supporting local. For people attending I would say don’t be afraid to ask questions, often vendors love to share stories about where the ideas for their work came from. Buy handmade, support the local community.

Check out the latest news on T.H.A.T. Craft fair on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


Totally Handmade Artisan Trinkets Craft Fair
Totally Handmade Artisan Trinkets Craft Fair, June 14, 2014. Click on photo for all the details!
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