Roxy and I both love doing special orders.  We have had some great requests, and it’s an opportunity to stretch our creativity.  Back in the fall, we created some fantastic hair accessories and a birdcage veil for a bride-to-be that went beyond our existing designs.  It was wonderful to research, design, and create these unique pieces.

When a client first contacts us about creating a special order, our first step is to get some detail.  We start by discussing our client’s vision of their order: what piece of jewellery do they want; what kinds of metals do they want for the clasp and hardware; do they want gemstones, crystals, pearls, glass, chain?  What colour scheme do they want?  Sometimes a special order is fairly straightforward.  We are working on one for a client who wants a set of bracelets for her bridal party from our Vintage by Drakestail line, with custom sizing.  We’ve also created custom orders for our popular Tree of Life pendants using new gemstones and materials.

A custom-ordered Tree of Life pendant, by Drakestail Jewellery.
Custom Tree of Life Pendant, with peridot, malachite, and turquoise

Once we have a rough idea of the client’s vision, we then clarify their budget and put together a quote.  Roxy and I have been making jewellery for 8 years, and have built up a great list of suppliers that we can call on.  We offer our client some options, get the go-ahead, and start creating!

Custom ordered Vintage by Drakestail bracelets for a bridal party.
Custom ordered Vintage by Drakestail bracelets for a bridal party.

Once the piece is made, we show the client (or send a photo, for someone that’s not local), to make sure it’s absolutely perfect.  Then we lovingly package it up and get it to its new home.

Speaking of custom jewellery, we have a brand new offering, each one custom made!  Just in time for Mother’s Day, we are offering a family pendant.  Each one uses Preciosa Crystals in the colour matching the birthstones.  For example, I made a sample for myself, using clear crystal (diamond, my birthstone), pink (pink tourmaline, the alternate birthstone for October, my hubby’s birthday), and turquoise (my daughter’s birthstone, in December).  Each crystal dangles from a short piece of chain, hung from a twisted silver ring.  The pendant can have as many or as few dangles as needed.  Watch our Etsy store as they’ll be available this week!

Mother's Day Pendant, by Drakestail Jewellery.
Just in time for Mother’s Day: Family Pendant. This one features April, October, and December. Get yours, made to order!