I love reading creative people’s blogs. It’s a lot of fun to see other crafters at work, get a glimpse of their studios, or read about the other goings-on in their lives. One blog I recently came across announced a 100 Day Challenge.  Her plan was to create a new item every day (she was a knitter or crocheter) using only materials she already had on hand. I thought about the rather extensive stash in my studio, and how I could do the same. It is a great project for me: I am like a magpie in my obsession for collecting shiny things, and while I sometimes have a project in mind when I buy beads, I don’t always.  I have plenty of strands & parts that I love but don’t have a plan for. It’ll be a great opportunity to revisit some favourites that haven’t gotten the love they deserve.

The plan is this: Each day, I will make something.  It might be a necklace, earrings, a hair accessory, anything that moves me that day.  I’ll take a picture, and while they may not be the best photos, they’ll get the idea across.  I’ll do proper photos when time and weather allows.  I’ll also tell a story about the item, the components, and why I’ve been hanging onto them for so long.

Day One

My first day’s project is a familiar one: a full set of the Vintage by Drakestail single-strand jewellery, in black. I started here for a reason – I’ll be donating it as an auction prize for the Beads For Wishes event on March 4th.  It will be a great event, and it’s for a worthy cause, the Children’s Wish Foundation.  I have these Swarovski pearls and stardust beads on hand for Vintage orders, and they’re a recent part of my stash.


Vintage by Drakestail in black
Day 1: Vintage by Drakestail set in black Swarovski pearls. This will be a donation to Beads for Wishes.