Today’s item is a simple necklace made with magnesite.  In nature, magnesite is white with grey streaks and lines through it.  Because of this and the fact that it takes dye well, it is often dyed a rainbow of colours.  In particular, it is dyed turquoise, and ends up looking remarkably similar to real turquoise, but at a fraction of the cost.  This necklace features both white and dyed blue magnesite, making it colourful and harmonious.

These beads are a fairly recent purchase, from an online sale a few months ago.  They’re spaced with small round silver-filled beads, and finished with a small, simple silver-filled toggle clasp.  I like how straightforward this looks, which I often find means it will go with a variety of things.  I think of this with a boho-style top and flared pants, or jeans and a slouchy grey sweater.

Day 2 - Blue and White Magnesite
Day 2 – A blue and white magnesite necklace with a simple silver-filled toggle clasp.