Both of us at Drakestail Jewellery are extremely proud of the work we do.  One thing we don’t delve into, however, is high-tech.  If I have a phone-glitch-free day, I’m pleased. For those who enjoy a bit more tech with their jewellery, there’s a great link over at the Mary Sue about a company that’s trying to get some video screen earrings made, via Indiegogo.  Photos and videos can be transferred onto the earrings via a USB cable, and you can play slide shows, movies, and videos on the earrings! For myself, if I got a pair I’d love to play musicals, so I’d have a soundtrack to groove to through the day.  What would you play on your video screen earrings?

The video screen earrings in action!
The video screen earrings in action! What would you play on yours? (image source: Indiegogo)