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Top 5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Accessories

It’s wedding season, and inspired by a recent Twitter conversation, I’m offering my top 5 wedding accessory tips. Having accessorized several weddings and bridal parties, including my own, I’ve picked up some advice on how to add bling to your big day.

1) Match jewellery to your hair accessories. If your hair bling has a very different style than your jewellery, the effect could be distracting.  Having a similar look and style brings the whole outfit together and keeps the eyes right where they belong – on you!

2) If wearing a headband, hair piece, tiara, or any other hair accessories, make sure you bring them to your trial hair appointment. It gives your stylist a chance to practice with your hair accessories, and gives you an idea on how they will look, and any adjustments you’d like to make. Also, if you’ll be wearing a tiara, try to choose one with small loops or combs on the ends of the band, as this will make it much easier to anchor into your ‘do.

3) If your dress has any crystals, rhinestones, pearls, or other bling on it, try to match your jewellery to them. If your dress has ivory pearls but your necklace is white, it will stand out and look out of place. If you’re having your dress made, put your dressmaker and jewellery designer in touch with each other so they can coordinate materials.

4) Think about how much jewellery you want to wear, and how big and showy you want it to be. If you’re wearing a big Cinderella-style dress, a tiny chain might get lost in the look. If your dress has a lot of details on it, you may want to keep your jewellery simple, with just a strand of pearls for example, so the jewellery doesn’t compete for the viewer’s eye. Also, remember that you’ll be wearing it all day. Make sure your pieces are a comfortable fit and not too heavy.

5) Jewellery and hair pieces are an accessory, and should accentuate your overall look. Think about your dress and hair style when selecting pieces. What is the neckline of your dress? Think about the shape when deciding on a necklace: sweetheart and v-neck necklines suit pendants, drops, and y-shaped necklaces, whereas a scoop or square neck looks best with single- or multi-strand necklaces without a pendant or drop. If your dress has long sleeves you may want to skip a bracelet. Choose earrings and hair accessories that will work with your hair style.

Have any other wedding accessory advice?  Tell us below!

Drakestail Jewellery Bridal Collage

Announcing Hair Accessories by Drakestail Jewellery!

Robyn and I have been toying with the idea of designing a line of hair accessories for the last year or so. We talk about it, discuss potential designs, materials and styles and then go back to our comfort zone of making jewellery.

Well this past September we finally bit the bullet! We were asked for a quote on hair accessories for a beautiful bride (Nicole) and her bridal party. Robyn and I hashed out options and a cost estimate and provided that to Nicole. She let us know a few days later that she liked our proposal best and off we were to make our first commissioned set of hair accessories! The most exciting part for us what that the option Nicole selected was designed with dyed leather, which is a material we’d never worked with before. Robyn and I set to work while I was in Ottawa on vacation, cutting the leather, dyeing the leather and assembling the pieces.

I delivered them to Nicole when I got back to Edmonton after my vacation and she has recently sent us some lovely pictures from her big day. Here are a couple to show you the finished product! We made the triangle shaped hair clips in off-white, marigold and blue as well as the  birdcage veil the bride is wearing.

Mat Simpson Photography Co.
Mat Simpson Photography Co.
Mat Simpson Photography Co.

Robyn started playing with crystal hair clip designs and I started experimenting with feather hair fascinators! Look for a line of hair accessories from us in early 2014! – Roxy

New hair clips
New crystal hair clips. Perfect for all length and styles!
Ostrich and peacock feather fascinator with green crystal ornamentation.
Ostrich and peacock feather fascinator with green crystal ornamentation.





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