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Gotta Love Those Pearls!

We’ve got some fun news!  Wire-sculpture.com has written up a great Gem Profile blog article about pearls.  (If you’re interested in learning about gemstones, their weekly Gem Profile series is very educational)  Not only are we huge fans of pearls, we love the fact that they included one of our bracelets in their blog!

2012-02 003
First Leaves of Spring, a lovely bracelet strung with freshwater pearls and petite peridot coin beads. Click the photo to see the listing on Etsy!

Return to creativity

In June 2010, I was offered a job in Edmonton Alberta with one of our regional offices and I decided to accept. A short 8 weeks later I was moved across the country to a new city full of strangers, leaving my friends, family, and Drakestail temporarily behind me. There were some bumps in the road and moments where I felt lonely but overall, I really enjoyed my time out West and am so thankful for the opportunity given to me.
Despite the physical seperation between Robyn and I, the plan was for me to continue to bead and create out West, to find local art shows and to ‘grow’ the Drakestail business, as they say, best laid plans… I spent almost 2 years in Alberta and I didn’t make a single piece of jewellery that wasn’t just for myself to wear. Robyn carried the torch here in Ottawa and kept creating and attending shows. We’d discuss the business decisions via email or Skype and I was still involved in the background but creatively it seems I took a sabbatical. Looking back now, though I think it odd, I feel this was really good for me.
I have been back in Ottawa for about 6 weeks now and aside from settling into a new home with new roommates and settling into a new day job I find myself with the desire to make jewellery again and have in fact made a few pieces. I am approaching the creative and the business process of being a partner in Drakestail Jewellery with refreshed creativity and renewed purpose. I am looking forward to our summer season art shows as well as to new adventures in jewellery creation.


The Tree of Life

Quartz Tree of Life pendant "Ice Storm"
Quartz Tree of Life pendant “Ice Storm”

The “Tree of Life” is a motif that has appeared in numerous cultures, religions and folklore. Typically, it appears as a leafy, healthy tree with a sturdy trunk and visible roots. It has represented a variety of concepts, including wisdom, healing, purity, and the threshold between life and death. In Norse mythology Yggdrasil, the world tree, supports the nine worlds and is the focus of numerous myths.

Around a year ago Drakestail started creating our own handmade Tree of Life pendants. Inspired by the depth of meaning and the soothing, earthy appearance, I decided to create a Tree of Life pendant for myself, initially using silver-plated wire and pale green jade chips. I love how it turned out, and wear it often. I got lots of positive comments about it, as well as requests! Since then I’ve created several permutations, using aventurine, carnelian, clear quartz and rose quartz to represent the Tree in different seasons. I’ve also worked some up with copper wire, to great effect. Using gemstone chips and twisting the trunks by hand, each pendant is unique.


Want to see more?  We have some Tree of Life pendants in stock right now on Etsy!

Carnelian Tree of Life pendant
Carnelian Tree of Life pendant “Autumn Maple”
Jade Tree of Life pendant
Jade Tree of Life pendant “Spring Buds”

Upcoming spring shows

The snow has finally melted away (hooray!).  The weather is warming up.  What better time than now to announce two great outdoor shows that we’ll be participating in?  Even better, they’re both shows we’ve attended before, so we know they’re going to be a great time.

Ravenswing DIY Fair

We’ve participated in Ravenswing for several years now, and it’s one of the most fun events we do.  The vendors are fabulously unique – last year I bought cupcakes, a handmade notebook, and an heirloom tomato seedling.  Everything is handmade (or handgrown!), and generally quite inexpensive.  The live music is always fun.  Ravenswing also sponsors the Clothesline Project, raising awareness about violence against women.  Join us in Minto Park, on Elgin  between Lewis & Gilmour Streets, on Sunday, May 29th.

Orleans Festival

The Orleans Festival takes place from June 3-4th, at the Shenkman Arts Centre.  This is the second year of the festival, and we’re pleased to be a part of it again.  The Festival truly is a celebration of all things creative.  Artists will be located inside the building.  Stroll along a boulevard lined with artisans (like Drakestail!), both selling their work and giving demonstrations of their skills.  There’s a great line-up of musical talent, and don’t get me started on the food!  Several local eatieries will be there, and if it’s anything like last year, I’ll be leaving with a full, content tummy.  This year, Drakestail is pleased to be teaming up with NicoleArt.  See you there!


The Origins of Drakestail: a folk tale

Often at shows, people will ask about the name Drakestail, and where it came from.  It comes from a charming French folk tale about a clever little duck who gets the best of a greedy king.  Below is that story.  Enjoy!


Once upon a time, there was a little duck named Drakestail.  He was very clever and hard-working, and in time earned himself a small fortune.  The king of the land even noticed that Drakestail had quite the fortune, and asked for a loan.  What an honour, thought Drakestail, and happily loaned the king some money.

Years passed, and the king still had not repaid his loan.  Eventually, Drakestail decided to visit the king and ask that he repay the loan.  He packed a few things in a sack and set off down the road, singing to himself, “Quack quack quack, when shall I get my money back?”

As he walked down the road to the castle, he met a ladder, leaning against an apple tree.

“Where are you going?” asked the ladder.

“Why, I’m off to see the king to ask for my money back,” replied Drakestail.

“What fun to see the king!” cried the ladder, and asked to come along for the journey.

“Why not?  One can never have too many friends,” Drakestail agreed, and the ladder hopped into Drakestail’s sack and off they went.

Further down the road, Drakestail came to a mighty river.  Before he could cross, the river asked him where he was going.

“Why, I’m off to see the king to ask for my money back,” said Drakestail.

The river asked, “Can I come along to see the king?”

“Why not?  One can never have too many friends,” Drakestail replied, so the river jumped into Drakestail’s sack and they continued towards the castle.

A few hours later, Drakestail came across a buzzing beehive.  The bees asked where he was going.

“Why, I’m off to see the king to ask for my money back,” said Drakestail.

The bees asked, “Can we come along to see the king?”

“Why not?  One can never have too many friends,” Drakestail replied.  The bees flew into the sack, and off they went toward the castle.

Not long after, Drakestail arrived at the castle.  He walked up to the guards and said, “Quack quack quack, I’ve come to get my money back. Please take me to see the king.”  The guards went into the castle and told the king that Drakestail was outside the gates, looking for his money.  The king, who had no intention of repaying Drakestail, told the guards to take him to the dungeon and throw him in the pit.

The guards returned to the gate, grabbed the little duck, and threw him in the pit.  He opened his sack and cried, “Help help, my friends, I’ve been thrown in a pit!”  The ladder jumped out of the sack, and Drakestail climbed out of the pit.  “One can never have too many friends,” he said, and went in search of the king.

Drakestail walked around the dungeon until he came across the kitchen.  He said to the cook, “Quack quack quack, I’ve come to get my money back.  Please take me to see the king.”  The cook went to find the king, and told him about Drakestail.  The king grew angry.  “How did he escape the pit?  Never mind.  Throw him in your cooking pot and he will bother me no more.”

The cook went back to the kitchen and threw Drakestail into the cooking pot.  Drakestail opened his sack and cried, “Help help, my friends!  I’m in hot water!”  Out flowed the river, which quenched the cooking-pot fire and flowed away.  Drakestail climbed out of the pot and said, “One can never have too many friends.”  He then continued his search for the king.

Eventually, Drakestail found the throne room.  The king was red-faced and angry.  “You escaped the pit!  You escaped the pot!  Never mind, I will deal with you myself.”  The king drew his royal sword and swung at Drakestail.

“Help, help, my friends, I’m being attacked!”  Drakestail opened his sack, and out flew the bees. They stung the king and chased him out of the castle and so far away that nobody ever saw him again.

With the old king gone, everyone in the court asked Drakestail if he would be the new king.  After all, nobody wanted the kind of king that would never repay a debt.  “Why not,” said Drakestail.  “One can never have too many friends.”

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