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A Very Special Custom Birthday Order

A couple months ago my friend Jenn asked if I would help her make custom order bracelets for her husband’s birthday. I immediately said yes and we talked about the materials and colours she wanted to incorporate.  I looked through my existing stones and found many options for her that could work. I also took a small road trip out to Jacob’s Trading Gem & Mineral show to pick up a few extra options just in case.

We had a meeting to go over the materials, she selected the stones she wanted to use and planned out each piece. She picked out stones, colours, shapes, and textures she felt sure her husband (Ryan) would like. She called what she made a mix of “able to pass off as professional rockstar” and “hippy chic”. We then got together another evening after our day jobs and Jenn set to work.

Jenn focused on the task at hand!
Jenn focused on the task at hand!

I sat across from her and watched her work, gave tidbits of suggestions on design where needed and instruction on how to assemble and close off the bracelets when the time came, it wasn’t a hard job and it was a lot of fun to play a small part in the process of gifting between two people I love dearly. One very special element was the addition of a Canadian dime to one of the bracelets.  The story behind this is that when Jenn’s gradnfather was stationed in England during the war he had a bracelet made for his wife with a British 10 pence piece in it. Jenn wore that bracelet on her wedding day. She wanted to create a bracelet for Ryan with the Canadian 10 cent piece to emulate that gift. I absolutely LOVE working on custom orders that incorporate re-purposed items and the story behind this was is so touching. I’m honoured I played a small role in making it happen.

Red cats eye chips, malachite chips and a Canadian 10 cent coin

In the end Jenn made a total of 5 bracelets for Ryan which she gifted to him on his birthday. You can see the other 4 bracelets pictured below. Thank you Jenn for asking me to help with this lovely project. It means a lot to me and I really enjoyed watching your creative process unfold!

Wood rounds, darker wood rondelles and turquoise accent chips
Wood rounds with bone focal bead and small bone round accents








Tiger’s eye chips with jasper rounds
Snowflake obsidian large ovals with hematite chips


Secret Love Notes: A Great Valentine’s Gift

I’m always excited when people ask us to make special items as gifts for people.  A few weeks ago we received an email asking for us to make a custom necklace.  Our client wanted a variation on our Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery line, using our gorgeous Swarovski crystals, and as soon as I read the email I was excited to get started!

Our client explained to me that any time he texts with his wife, he always ends the conversation with XOXO.  He wanted to put that into a Valentine’s gift, and came up with the idea of using XOXO in Morse code, -..- — -..- —, spelled out in pearls.  After discussing colour options, he picked Rosaline pink to represent the dashes, and lavender to represent the dots.  He chose light gold for the rest of the necklace.  As soon as he made his picks, I got to work, curious to see the end result.

The Morse code was a great idea and the necklace turned out great.  I tucked in one of our signature stardust beads, which he loved as well.

XOXO Morse Code Necklace with Swarovski Pearls

Want to send a secret message to someone?  We’d love to do more Morse code pieces!  What would you want your jewellery to tell the world?

Turning the tables: Robyn’s Custom Order

You may recall I wrote a post a few weeks ago about our process for creating a custom order.  I’m also a sucker for a custom-made item, and I lucked into one that is also a local Etsy shop owner!

Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to meet up with Gabry Road owner Rosa Yorke.  I had been looking around for a vendor apron, one of those half-aprons with lots of pockets.  I wanted something to keep some change in, and to keep my cellphone at hand for when I need to use my Square credit card reader.  (Oh, yes, we take credit cards now!  It was easy to use and oh so convenient.)


Rosa Yorke of Gabry Road
Rosa Yorke of Gabry Road
Gabry Road studio
Gabry Road studio
Me, trying on an apron for size.
Me, trying on an apron for size.


I hunted around on Etsy for an apron that I liked.  I found a shop with a great design, but since I didn’t see any in the colour that I wanted, I messaged the shop owner about doing a custom order.  As it happens, Rosa lives in Ottawa and was happy to have me visit her studio to choose my fabrics for my apron.  Cool!

I tried on an apron she had in stock, and we made a few adjustments in the pocket sizes to fit my notebook and phone.  I wanted to be able to keep my smartphone handy for those Square purchases!


The fabrics I picked for my custom order.
The fabrics I picked for my custom order.

I got to hunt through Rosa’s stash of fabrics and together we found exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted something fun but also fairly neutral, something that would go with whichever jewellery pieces I was wearing at a show.  These ivory and white fabrics were exactly what I wanted.




It only took Rosa a few days to complete my apron, and I had it in plenty of time for the MAC Fair.  I got compliments on it, and a few people asked where I got it.  I passed along her info, of course.  She did a great job, and I’m thrilled with my new vendor apron!

At the MAC Fair in my new vendor apron!
At the MAC Fair in my new vendor apron!



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