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Ravenswing: 10th anniversary show

Ravenswing Arts Music Fair 2016

Just one week from today, Trish and I will be celebrating a very special event: the Ravenswing Arts and Music Fair‘s 10th anniversary!

Way back in 2009, Roxy and I signed up for our very first craft fair: Ravenswing! We had a lot of fun, and it really got us hooked on doing craft fairs.  Ravenswing 2009

Since then, we’ve been at every Ravenswing fair except one. Drakestail has grown a lot as a company over the years, developing our style, our displays (that blue tablecloth!!), and our work. It has been wonderful to come back each year to Ravenswing as it has developed and grown as well.  Every year the fair gets a bit bigger, runs a bit smoother, and the team organizing it continues to do an amazing job bringing together artisans, writers, musicians, workshops, and more.  Despite the growth and change, all the best parts of Ravenswing persist – great music, a fantastically eclectic collection of vendors, and a great vibe. They also do important work hosting the Clothesline Project, a public art exhibit dedicated to raising awareness of violence against women and children, and giving voices to the survivors.

We’re very much looking forward to being at Minto Park again this year, especially for the 10th anniversary. Join us in celebrating this fantastic fair on Sunday, May 29th!

Ravenswing Arts Music Fair 2016

First show of 2012 – Ravenswing DIY Fair

Ravenswing Logo

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just confirmed our first appearance of 2012.  We will be at the Ravenswing DIY Fair in Minto Park on May 27th.  The show runs from 11am to 4pm, and includes great local crafters, authors, and indie musicians.  There will be raffle prizes and free workshops.  Ravenswingn also supports The Clothesline Project, an organization devoted to ending violence against women.

We will be sharing our space with John Leclaire, local purveyor of sweets known as Ugly Kitchen Creations.  Not only will we have beautiful handmade jewellery, there will also be handmade chocolates, flavoured oils, and other delicious goodies.  Can’t wait!

If you use Facebook, add Ravenswing to your Events!  We’d love to see you there.

Ravenswing Logo


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