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100 Day Challenge: Day 63. Crystal and Pearl hair combs.

A long time ago (more than a year), I started making a pair of hair combs.  They had sparkly rose-coloured irridescent crystals and ivory pearls, twisted into delicate branches and wrapped onto silver-plated combs.  They were about 3/4 done, and then I lost them.  I was heartbroken because a lot of work went into making them.  I hunted and searched but they were nowhere to be found.

Fast forward to a week ago, I was hunting through an organizer (which is not organized at all, but has a lot of beads dumped in it to be sorted in the future) and found the combs!  Since I was on a roll with hair accessories this week, today seemed like the perfect time to polish them off.

Ivory pearl and irridescent rose crystal hair combs by Drakestail Jewellery.  www.drakestail.com
100 Day Challenge: Day 63. Ivory pearl and irridescent rose crystal hair combs.

New things ahead: Drakestail in 2014

Happy new year, lovely reader!  We hope you had a fantastic holiday season and feel ready to take on 2014.  There’s something about the start of a new year that feels fresh and exciting, don’t you think?

Last year was a fantastic one for Drakestail Jewellery.  We launched our Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery line, which has proven quite popular.  We’ll be expanding the line this year and adding some more designs.  Our Vintage line is now also available in two brick-and-mortar shops, The Foxy Shoppe in Winnipeg, and Rowena in Edmonton (as well as their online store www.retroglam.com)

Vintage by Drakestail
Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery

I’ve been toying with some new designs for hair accessories.  Last year (doesn’t it feel so long ago when I say that?) I put together some cute beaded hair elastics and clips with clusters of pearls and crystals.  They’ve been popular and I’m definitely going to be making more.  We’ll be adding hair accessory options – combs, beaded bobby pins, hairbands, and I’ve even just created my first ever tiara!  Roxy made up some fabulous hair feathers which completely sold out at the Foxy Shoppe.  She’s got more of those on the go, both for the Shoppe and for our Etsy store as well.

Hair Accessories
A sampling of our hair accessories.

While we both took some time off, we’re kicking off the new year with lots of great ideas.  Watch this space for news, updates, and other goodies.  Tell us what you’ve got planned for the new year, too!


The final fair of the season, and what’s next

The MAC Fair

This past weekend I was at my second, and final, craft fair for the season.  I’ve never exhibited at the MAC Fair before, but it was absolutely amazing.  I arrived to discover elves (volunteer students) waiting to unload my gear and take it to my table for me.  Now that’s service!  The show itself was huge, occupying both gymnasiums, with the raffle offerings lining the hallway between.  There was free coffee, the volunteers were efficient and attentive, and that made the day all that much easier.

Lucky for me, my friend Carolyn of Maiden Star had the table adjacent to me, so we were able to watch each other’s table and get a chance to shop.  I think I spent as much as I earned, but my Christmas shopping list is almost crossed off so I’ll call that a win!  There was a wonderful variety of vendors, all handmade, and to top off the day we grabbed a couple of cake pops.  Delish!

I’d like to give a great big “hello” to our new readers from both my shows this year, it has been great to meet so many new people.

MAC Fair gym 2
We’re all set up and ready for the show to open!
Drakestail's table at the MAC Fair
Our table, freshly set up right before the start of the fair

What’s Next

We may be done with big events for the year, but that definitely doesn’t mean we’re trading in our beads and pliers for slippers and hot cocoa just yet.  We’ve got lots of great designs that we’ll be adding to our Etsy store.  We’ve even got something planned for when we reach 250 Facebook followers.  Haven’t followed us on Facebook yet?  Click right here to visit us and like our page!

We’re also able to get around our respective cities (I’m in Ottawa, Roxy’s currently living in Winnipeg) and do private showings in the comfort of your own home.  No need to hunt for parking or wade through crowds!  Prefer to shop with friends?  Invite some over, and we’ll turn it into a jewellery party!  Contact us by email at info@drakestail.com for more details or to arrange your own private showing or jewellery party.

Sneak Peek

I’ve also been busy designing some new hair accessories, just in time for holiday party season!  Here’s a sneak peek of some alligator clips, sparkling with clusters of crystals!

New hair clips
New crystal hair clips. Perfect for all lengths and styles!


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