Tip: caring for your jewellery

Here’s an eco-friendly idea to help keep your jewellery looking great: Keep those packets of silica gel that you find in shoe boxes and other packaging.  Tuck them in your jewellery box or anywhere you store jewellery.  They absorb humidity, which helps prevent tarnish.  Re-using silica gel packets keeps them out of the landfill, and working for you.

Of course, make sure they’re tucked away where youngsters won’t get at them, as they are dangerous if ingested.

Fun fact: Amber

Amber is a beautiful material, ranging from from rich orange, brown and umber colours to a striking yellow-green.  It is not actually a gemstone, but fossilized tree sap.  This makes it very lightweight.

Not sure if your piece of amber is real or a clever fake?  Try this test: Find a container large enough to submerge your amber in.  Fill it with water, and put in as much salt as you can dissolve.  Stir until the salt! crystals are completely dissolved.  Then, place your piece of amber in the salt solution.  If it floats, it’s real.

Upcoming spring shows

The snow has finally melted away (hooray!).  The weather is warming up.  What better time than now to announce two great outdoor shows that we’ll be participating in?  Even better, they’re both shows we’ve attended before, so we know they’re going to be a great time.

Ravenswing DIY Fair

We’ve participated in Ravenswing for several years now, and it’s one of the most fun events we do.  The vendors are fabulously unique – last year I bought cupcakes, a handmade notebook, and an heirloom tomato seedling.  Everything is handmade (or handgrown!), and generally quite inexpensive.  The live music is always fun.  Ravenswing also sponsors the Clothesline Project, raising awareness about violence against women.  Join us in Minto Park, on Elgin  between Lewis & Gilmour Streets, on Sunday, May 29th.

Orleans Festival

The Orleans Festival takes place from June 3-4th, at the Shenkman Arts Centre.  This is the second year of the festival, and we’re pleased to be a part of it again.  The Festival truly is a celebration of all things creative.  Artists will be located inside the building.  Stroll along a boulevard lined with artisans (like Drakestail!), both selling their work and giving demonstrations of their skills.  There’s a great line-up of musical talent, and don’t get me started on the food!  Several local eatieries will be there, and if it’s anything like last year, I’ll be leaving with a full, content tummy.  This year, Drakestail is pleased to be teaming up with NicoleArt.  See you there!


Charity Spring Craft Show March 19th

Tomorrow, Saturday March 19th, we’ll be at the Bronson Centre, in Mac Hall, for the Charity Spring Craft Show.  Come join us and over 45 other vendors for some unique, handmade spring shopping.

Entrance is free, and raffle tickets will be available to support Heart and Stroke Foundation, Autism Ottawa, Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, and The Glebe Center.

The show is on between 10am and 5pm.  See you there!

Basement Artists show this Sunday

Don’t forget: Sunday the 13th is only days away! If you don’t have your tickets to the show at Mercury Lounge yet, send us an email at info@drakestail.com and we’ll hook you up. The show will be a great time, and will raise funds for the Humane Society. Drakestail will even put an item up for auction. See you there!
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