Turning Toxic Water into Gold

Looking to turn lead into gold?

Ok, we haven’t gone that far, but scientists have found bacteria that (sort of) makes gold!

Tiny bits of gold!

Gold chloride is a toxic byproduct of mining. Delftia acidovorans and Cupriavidus metallidurans are 2 species that have developed a resistance to the heavy metal toxin. They eat the toxic mix and poop out 24k gold.

Bio-lab/art piece “The Great Work of the Metal Lover" featuring gold producing bacteria
Bio-lab/art piece “The Great Work of the Metal Lover” featuring gold-producing bacteria

Is it going to change the gold market? Probably not, the toxic feed is still costly, and it’s not like artificially created gemstones have stopped the demand for naturally occurring stones. There is, however, talk of using the bacteria to help extract gold out of the mining waste, thereby reducing or eliminating the toxic byproduct, or even using the bacteria’s presence to test soil samples and find the best place for future mining.

gold bracelet
So we can make you more pretty things like this!

All in all, it’s a pretty cool discovery with positive environmental application potential, and a little extra shimmer.

Looking for your own bit of gold? Visit us here, or invite us over for your very own Fabulous Home Party!

Go Green! Make broken or old new again!

Are you going green? (I’m looking at you, trees, get to it!)

My mother-in-law (who is awesome, BTW. Everyone should be so lucky) has gifted me an earring. Just the one. She’s sure the other is lost somewhere. It’s beautiful, simple, and ready to be refashioned into a new stand alone piece of jewellery!

How many of these do YOU have hiding in your jewellery box?

It’s like recycling, so you’re doing good for the world. Plus it clears out your old unused items, so you’re also decluttering! Now it counts as completing a chore! (Jewellery making is the BEST!) It keeps your shiny things out of the trash, and gets yourself something new; both you and the environment win!

There’s something special about being able to breath new life into old favourites. Jewellery you love stays with you, it connects you to something else. There’s a reason pieces are passed down through generations. All of our favourites are paired with great memories, whether it be of the loved one who gave it to you, a special event you wore it to, or even just how great you feel putting it on. To lose a piece of that can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to end with something you once cherished becoming unwearable.

A little extra sparkle,
A little extra sparkle in a soft pink.

Your grandma’s broken necklace? Fixed! Amazing bracelet that doesn’t fit? Adjusted! Missing earring but OMG I love these beads? Reworked!

We love making you feel fabulous! Rebuilding and re-imagining these pieces, mixing the old and the new, being able to wear your memories again; it’s wonderful, and we’re happy to be a part of it. Let us help you bring what you love back to life!

One piece out of the dark corners of your jewellery box and back out into the sunshine where it belongs!

Do you have ideas about how to improve an old piece of yours? Or maybe just need a quick fix? We’re here, and we’re ready!

Spring is in the air!

I’m dying for spring. I’m done with snow. I’m done with cold. I’m done with everything being dark all of the time.

And I can’t wait until I’m not so bundled up that you can’t see whatever new and fabulous piece of jewellery I’m wearing because it’s hiding under a hat, 2 scarfs and a giant coat!

mesh and shiny
Will someone please invent a warm, invisible scarf so I can show these off in a blizzard?

This week has been melting Ottawa! I come home from work to less and less of a snow pile in my front yard. Soon will be pea-coats, pearls, and gemstones glistening in the sunshine! It’s happening! WARMTH!

Along with spring comes OMG! SO MANY CRAFT SHOWS!!! This is a very exciting season!

If you tuned in last week, you know the first up is the IWD Wrapped in Courage Show in Winnipeg on March 19th! Take your leftover St. Patty’s Day luck and use it to find something locally made and amazing!

IWD Wrapped in Courage
Fabulous jewellery and a wonderful cause? Sign us up!

That’s just the beginning! Through April, May and June, shows in both Winnipeg and Ottawa will be hosting Drakestail booths! There’s so many opportunities to find something PERFECT for you! (or someone else, but pick up a little something for yourself while you’re over)

Can’t make it to the show? No worries! We’ll come to YOU! Book your very own home party!


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