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Craft shows squared

This past weekend was double the fun!  Drakestail Jewellery got accepted into two craft shows on the same date, so Trish and I (Robyn) each went to a different show.  Both were a great success.

Trish got to participate in the inaugural Something New Edinburgh show and had a great time.  The food was delicious, the vibe was great, and it was very well attended.  Definitely a show we want to be part of next year!

Drakestail Something New Edinburgh 2015
Trish’s gorgeous display at Something New Edinburgh

I got to participate in the All Saints CHS Craft and Gift Sale. This show is an old favourite – this is my fourth year attending, and it was as fun as ever. I had some lovely neighbours, some returning and some new. The parking lot was full most of the day and folks were parking out on the street to come on in. I even had a lovely student volunteer, Matt, watch my booth while I got a bit of my own Christmas shopping done. And a cheesecake, I also got a delicious cheesecake. 🙂

Some views at All Saints. Oh my, what’s that on the Drakestail table? Stay tuned…

A big thanks to the organizers for both the shows!

We’ve got one more event coming up, and Trish and I will be teaming up with Carolyn of Maidenstar Jewellery at Tudor Hall on Sunday, November 22nd. We’ll see you there!

Drakestail craft shows coming soon!

Now that fall is upon us, we have some exciting upcoming events to tell you about. Drakestail Jewellery is participating in three craft shows this season. We hope you’re as excited as we are to browse the creations by some talented local artisans and artists.

Robyn will be at All Saints Catholic High School Craft & Gift Fair on Saturday, November 7. This is a huge show with a wide variety of local vendors.  Admission is $1 or one non-perishable food item. Funds go toward the school Christmas hamper program as well as the support of grandmothers in Southern Africa, who are raising children orphaned due to the AIDS pandemic.  The fair features over 100 tables of treasures handmade by crafters and artisans from Ontario and Western Quebec, a supervised child’s play area, cafe and raffle table.

Trish will be at Something New Edinburgh, also on November 7th. What happens when you combine a vibrant urban community, local artisans, and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship? Ottawa’s newest craft show – Something New Edinburgh – is born. Meet Trish and lots of other local artists and artisans at Memorial Hall (39 Dufferin Rd. at Mackay Street) Saturday November 7, 2015 10am-3pm. Admission is free.

Something New Edinburgh prep

Then, we will be teaming up with Carolyn of Maidenstar at Tudor Hall Christmas Craft & GIft Show on November 22. We will be among 60 fantastic vendors.  There will be lots to see and some fantastic gift ideas.  Admission is free and free parking is also available.  This will be another new show for us and we can’t wait to check it out!

Big news for Drakestail Jewellery

Roxy and I have been creating fabulous jewellery as Drakestail Jewellery for eight years. Eight years! It’s been an amazing journey for both of us so far, and we are looking forward to the next eight.
We’ve got some big Drakestail news to share: we two are now three! Longtime friend and designer Trish Williams is now a part of Drakestail Jewellery. We’ll let her introduce herself:

I’ve loved Drakestail Jewellery for years. I’ve known both Robyn and Roxy even longer. Both have always been amazing, determined women filled with passion and life. It’s an honour to work with them.

This summer, Robyn took me to a store filled with gorgeous beads and gems. I was hooked. So many beautiful items with so many possibilities!

So when Robyn offered to take me on as a designer, I jumped at the chance.

I’ve made my own jewellery in the past – for myself, family and friends – but never before on such a large scale. It’s excited and fun to spend so much time creating! I never realized how much I’ve missed it.

But there’s more. After the birth of my youngest, jewellery became important in my day to day life.

My wardrobe had been slashed. So many things don’t fit, or don’t fit right. Some too big, some to small, some just aren’t hanging right, and some will never fit again. It’s not a fun time, and can make for a tough morning. I found that the right earrings, or a beautiful necklace erases that uneasiness. These tiny differences make me feel better, put together, even mostly human (when paired with a cup of coffee). And when I catch myself in the mirror now, I smile.

It’s a good feeling, and it’s a feeling I want to share.

I want to add that little something to the lives of others. Just a spark, a touch, to remind you about how beautiful you really are, even on the days you’re not feeling it.

It won’t be long before you get to meet Trish in person and see some of her fabulous work. She will be hosting the Drakestail Jewellery table at the brand new Something New Edinburgh show on November 7th.

Make sure you visit her and say hi!

Some of Trish’s gorgeous work

2015 Ottawa Gem and Mineral Show

I hope you had a great weekend!  I went out yesterday to one of my favourite events – the annual Gem and Mineral Show!  The Ottawa Lapidary and Mineral Club puts the show on each year, and it’s always a great time.  I inevitably find a lot of stones that are new to me, see some lovely cut gems and jewellery,and wind up with a great haul of new goodies to work with.

I went with a friend and fellow jewellery-maker, Trish.  We did a tour of the show, starting near a gentleman who had some rocks ready to split open to see what was inside.  We picked one, and he cracked it open.  Inside, our geode had some lovely sparkly quartz crystals.  Pretty!

Cracking the geode, and Trish showing the sparkly inside!
Cracking the geode, and Trish showing the sparkly inside!

We circled the show, and there was a lot to see.  I was pretty modest with my purchases, but had a great time looking at all the wonderful stones.

2015 OLMC Gem and Mineral Show


2015 OLMC Gem and Mineral Show 2
Gemstones! Fossils! Dinosaur footprints!

Birthday bling – custom designs for family

This past weekend I helped my mom and sister celebrate their birthdays.  Since their birthdays are only three days apart we tend to only have one event for them both.  We had a lovely birthday barbecue, and some relaxing family time.  The nieces had a great time running around the yard and giggling.  🙂

One of the fun things about making jewellery is being able to craft some extra special gifts.  My sister tends to wear funky jewellery, so I started with a blister pearl pendant.  It’s pretty and eye-catching all by itself so I didn’t want to put something with it that would detract from it.  I chose some Amazonite tubes and simple silver glass bead spacers, and I think it turned out quite well.

My mom favours more delicate, understated jewellery.  I wanted to do something simple that would have a good pop of colour.  I went with some tiny peridot coin beads, lovely for this time of year.  I went with a split-strand necklace style, attaching the beads to some fine silver-filled chain.  This is my first time trying this style of necklace and I like it very much.  I think I’ll be doing more split-strand designs in the future.


What do you think about these designs?  Which one is your favourite?  Let us know below!

Birthday Bling

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