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Little Helpers

I had an assistant on my last jewellery shoot! And by “assistant” I mean “someone who understood “help” to mean “do all the things! Be in charge! Now’s your chance!”

Which means I think somehow I became his assistant.

My 8 year old took hold of the camera, took 16 shots of up his nose, 6 pictures of the sky, 10 of me trying to get a bracelet on, and an experimental one through the wavy glass window.

I’m *really* glad this digital camera thing took hold.


Among the more “artistic” shots, there were some surprisingly good ones.

Getting there....
Getting there…. This is the collection of everything we did.
Oooooo… Feather earrings!

He was quick on the draw! How long does it take to set a necklace for a picture? At least 4 shots!

egy progress(1)
Like secret behind the scenes footage!

It’s a great feeling to get your kids involved in what you do. We had an awesome evening taking pictures, going over the shots, and choosing what to use. He’s pretty proud to get his stuff up on the internet (kids are easy to impress) Plus, now I have a helping hand! Next goal: to get him designing!

cael peek
until then I’ll just have to live with him photo-bombing

That red and white necklace above? Patriotic maybe? It’s up for raffle at Pineview’s Canada Day in the Park. Come by from 11am-2pm and enter to win!

Heart, Home and Handmade, X2!

Spring has sprung, and then some!  Roxy has been amazingly busy this spring with shows, and now it’s the Ottawa team’s opportunity to try and catch up with her.

Trish and I are lucky to have a great Ottawa show coming up twice! We will be participating in the Heart, Home, and Handmade show on this Sunday, May 15, and then again on June 11.

From the H3 website: “At Heart, Home & Handmade Shows, you will be able to shop for one of a kind goods and meet local makers. Our focus is on promoting and supporting small, independent local businesses with a unique, independent spirit.”

Admission for each event is $2 at the door, with proceeds are going to support Harmony House Women’s Shelter. As Ottawa’s only second-stage women’s shelter, they provide safe, affordable transitional housing for women and children who are survivors of violence.

Heart, Home, and Handmade, Spring Edition
May 15th at the Hellenic Meeting & Reception Centre – 1315 Prince of Wales Dr, Ottawa.
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Heart, Home, and Handmade, West Edition (link to come)
June 11 at the Bell Sensplex – 1565 Maple Grove Rd, Kanata
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Heart, Home and Handmade logo

Upcoming Winnipeg Craft Sale!

Perhaps it is my love of fairy tales and all things mystical and magical but when I saw the add seeking sellers for this upcoming Winnipeg craft sale I simply could not resist sending in my application! I will be setting up shop for the day on Saturday May 7th with the lovely “fairy girls” and hope you will pop by and check out the event. Between 12:00 & 5:00 PM at 955 Mulvey Avenue in Winnipeg! This is your last chance to snag that perfect something for Mother’s Day 🙂

You can RSVP to the Facebook event here: Fairytale Market

Upcoming Winnipeg Craft Sale

Happy birthday, May babies!

There’s a perfectly good reason you May babies are making the rest of us green with envy: your birthstone is the emerald.

Emeralds are the vibrant green form of the mineral beryl, given its colour by chromium or vanadium.  They are fairly strong, rating a 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs hardness scale.  While hard, though, emeralds can be brittle.  Most emeralds have some inclusions or imperfections, which dealers call the gem’s “jardin” (French for garden).  An oil treatment is often used to fill surface cracks, improve transparency, and help prevent an emerald from chipping.

The first known emerald mines were near the Red Sea in Egypt.  Cleopatra was well known for her love of emeralds.  These days, Colombia and Zambia are the highest and second-highest producers of emeralds.

One of the “big four” gemstones, emeralds have long been popular and valuable.  One of the world’s largest emeralds is the “Mogul Emerald”, weighing in at 217 carats and stands around 10cm tall.  Dating from 1695, this emerald tablet is inscribed with a flowing floral pattern on one side and a prayer on the other.  And much more recent, who could forget Elizabeth Taylor’s amazing Bulgari set of emerald jewellery?

Elizabeth Taylor in her Bulgari emerald necklace and earrings


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