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MAC Fair: BLOOM Edition – A Review

It has taken a few days to recover, but I had a fantastic time at the MAC Fair last Saturday.

The MAC Fair takes place at Immaculata High School.  I got there bright and early, and when I pulled up to the door, student volunteers unloaded my car and took all my gear right to my table. (This is one of my favourite parts of the show, the awesome support from the student volunteers.)  I parked, found my table, and got set up.  Meanwhile, more students were grilling up a pancake breakfast, which was very tasty!

There was a steady stream of visitors through the day, especially considering how bright and sunny the weather was outside.  The show was well advertised, and Heather Bryce, the main organizer, even appeared on CTV Morning Live and Rogers.

Happily, I was neighbour once again to Carolyn of Maiden Star.  We ended up with some great neighbours to either side of ourselves, and the room was full of a wonderful mix of vendors.  I didn’t leave empty-handed, getting some gifts and a little treat for myself.  I love to buy local and buy handmade as much as possible, and these shows are a great opportunity to do just that.

So, a great big thank you to the organizers, to everyone who came out to shop and spend the day, and especially to the volunteers who helped keep everything running so smoothly.  I had a wonderful time, and can’t wait to be back again. (I apologize for the blurry photos, I was rushing when I took them!)

– Robyn

Ready to set up at the MAC Fair
Ready to set up at the MAC Fair. The volunteers stacked everything neatly for me to set up.
My neighbour across the way and their amazing vinyl record crafts.
My neighbour across the way and their amazing vinyl record crafts. I’m kicking myself for not getting the Paul McCartney handbag.
Our little corner, with Drakestail, Maiden Star, and some adorable diaper cakes!
Our little corner, with Drakestail, Maiden Star, and some adorable diaper cakes!
Robyn, all set up and ready to go!
Robyn, all set up and ready to go! I love my new apron, and the new table setup.

Getting ready for the MAC Fair

The countdown is on!  MAC Fair: Bloom Edition is coming up on Saturday, May 10th, and I’m incredibly excited.  As you know, I’ve been working away at revamping my booth, and I’m very pleased with how it’s looking.  While I do love going to craft fairs and art shows, it’s always a bit stressful to make sure that all our gorgeous jewellery is displayed in just the right way.  I’d been feeling that the booth needed freshening up, especially since it hasn’t changed much over the past year or so.  This spring’s shows were the perfect time to change things up and I think it will give a better feel to my displays and ultimately show off just how fabulous our jewellery is.

In my effort to freshen up my show display, I’ve done a fair bit of shopping.  I’ve bought new tablecloths, new busts, and a set of gridwalls.  I picked up some new tote bins that will double as a riser for the back portion of the table, to give some of the displays some height.  (I love when things can do double duty!)  Now I get to play around with arranging them.  Take a look at the pictures below, and tell me in the comments which one is your favourite!


Drakestail Jewellery's 2014 Ottawa booth display #1
Drakestail Jewellery’s 2014 Ottawa booth display #1. The earring rack is up front and on the corner, ready to be perused.
Drakestail Jewellery's 2014 Ottawa booth display #2
Drakestail Jewellery’s 2014 Ottawa booth display #2. I’ve moved the earring rack to the riser, and added in the “treasure chest” of sale items.
Drakestail Jewellery's 2014 Ottawa booth display #3
Drakestail Jewellery’s 2014 Ottawa booth display #3. I’ve changed the display boards in the front, using one larger one in the middle with two small ones, rather than four small ones in the previous images.

Now announcing: Drakestail at Ravenswing!

I’m excited to announce that Drakestail has another show in our 20014 line-up! On May 25th we’ll be back at the Ravenswing DIY Fair! Ravenswing holds a special place in our hearts because it was the very first show we ever attended, way back in May 2008. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and we had a great time meeting fans and talking about our jewellery. It’s an outdoor fair, located at Minto Park, close to downtown at Elgin Street and Lewis Street. It has really good variety in vendors, from jewellery and pottery to small-press and self-published zines, from preserves and cupcakes to seedlings. Each year the line-up changes and there’s lots to see. There’s always live musicand a DJ, and a very relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

Two years ago we shared our tent with a close friend of mine, who was selling preserves and delicious treats. I’m excited to announce that we’ll be sharing a tent again! His brand new business, called Sing for Icing, will feature loaves and cakes and other goodies. We hope you can make it!

Sing for Icing

100 Day Challenge: Day 4

Today’s project departs from the earthy magnesite and steers right into bling territory.  I got these chandelier components from the same online shop as the magnesite beads.  The loops are spaced quite close together, making me feel like some fairly small beads would hang best.  I chose 4mm Preciosa crystals, picking a bright, spring-inspired green.  The colour choice was deliberate…

I recently applied to a great juried show, the MAC Fair: BLOOM, and found out I was accepted.  Woo hoo!  They’ll be holding a raffle and these will be my donation.  The show has a spring theme, and is the day before Mother’s Day, so a cheerful, verdant green seemed perfect for the occasion.  Check out the details in the link above or in the calendar to the right, and come check out what will be a great event!

Green crystal chandelier earrings
Day 4: Green crystal chandelier earrings

The final fair of the season, and what’s next

The MAC Fair

This past weekend I was at my second, and final, craft fair for the season.  I’ve never exhibited at the MAC Fair before, but it was absolutely amazing.  I arrived to discover elves (volunteer students) waiting to unload my gear and take it to my table for me.  Now that’s service!  The show itself was huge, occupying both gymnasiums, with the raffle offerings lining the hallway between.  There was free coffee, the volunteers were efficient and attentive, and that made the day all that much easier.

Lucky for me, my friend Carolyn of Maiden Star had the table adjacent to me, so we were able to watch each other’s table and get a chance to shop.  I think I spent as much as I earned, but my Christmas shopping list is almost crossed off so I’ll call that a win!  There was a wonderful variety of vendors, all handmade, and to top off the day we grabbed a couple of cake pops.  Delish!

I’d like to give a great big “hello” to our new readers from both my shows this year, it has been great to meet so many new people.

MAC Fair gym 2
We’re all set up and ready for the show to open!
Drakestail's table at the MAC Fair
Our table, freshly set up right before the start of the fair

What’s Next

We may be done with big events for the year, but that definitely doesn’t mean we’re trading in our beads and pliers for slippers and hot cocoa just yet.  We’ve got lots of great designs that we’ll be adding to our Etsy store.  We’ve even got something planned for when we reach 250 Facebook followers.  Haven’t followed us on Facebook yet?  Click right here to visit us and like our page!

We’re also able to get around our respective cities (I’m in Ottawa, Roxy’s currently living in Winnipeg) and do private showings in the comfort of your own home.  No need to hunt for parking or wade through crowds!  Prefer to shop with friends?  Invite some over, and we’ll turn it into a jewellery party!  Contact us by email at for more details or to arrange your own private showing or jewellery party.

Sneak Peek

I’ve also been busy designing some new hair accessories, just in time for holiday party season!  Here’s a sneak peek of some alligator clips, sparkling with clusters of crystals!

New hair clips
New crystal hair clips. Perfect for all lengths and styles!


It’s Showtime! Christmas craft fair season is in full swing

Drakestail is on the road now that Christmas craft fair season is in full swing.  This past Saturday I took part in the annual craft fair at All Saints Catholic High School.  I had a great time two years ago at this fair, and was thrilled to be back.  This is a huge craft fair, spread throughout the school.  The variety of crafters selling their wares was impressive too.  My nearest neighbours were selling handmade bath and body goodies, baked treats, hand-sewn purses & tooth fairy pillows (too cute!), stained glass, woodworking art, clothes, knit hats & scarves, the list goes on.  The volunteers were fantastic, and the whole sale had a great vibe.  I definitely hope to be back next year.

I like to bring projects to work on during the quieter times of the day.  I get to show off some of my techniques, let clients see my process, and add some new things to the table as well.  Plus, I’m doing what I love while I hang out and talk to people about doing what I love.  That’s what I call a win-win situation!


Drakestail at the All Saints Christmas Craft Fair
Drakestail at the All Saints Christmas Craft Fair
Vendors and shoppers
Vendors and shoppers
live green chandelier earrings
New at the craft fair: olive green chandelier earrings
Copper charm bracelet
New at the fair: copper & crystal charm bracelet


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