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Want to win a prize?

I don’t know about you guys, but this month has been CRAZY so far! There’s so many things to do, and all I want is to go hang out on a patio making shiny things with some friends.

I would probably drop all the beads and stones, and then spend the rest of the night trying to find a way under the patio. I fully fear losing tiny pieces of silver between wooden cracks.

Anyway, between all the stuff that gets the kids fed and the bills paid, we also hit a show last weekend! We were at the Bell Sensplex having a groovy time (before I took off to attend a wedding, leaving Robyn on her lonesome)

I’ve also decided to start wearing tiaras to shows! And maybe everywhere in everyday life.

We lucked out with 2 tables, which is good, cause it turns out we have a lot of pieces to show off!

And yet again we did a draw for a fabulous gift bag! Mango body butter, mango candle, mango sugar syrup (All the MANGO DRINKS!) and of course, something special from us!

Smells like Summer!

The shell bracelet is STUNNING and perfect for summer! It works so well with beachwear and patio nights.

Sweet, simple, and super fabulous!

We will be doing more draws! Keep checking in so you don’t miss your chance to win! Or, better yet, sign up for our new newsletter and get special secret discounts!

Can’t make it to a show? Host one of your own! We do Home Jewellery Parties! Perfect for a night in, or to start your night out!

Happy June, everyone!

There are so many things happening!

We were at Ravenswing in Ottawa for their 10th anniversary! Ravenswing was amazing! Great vendors, lots of old friends, and lots of new ideas. Getting there was a little nuts, but it was all worth it!

We hid under our tent, in the ever-disappearing shade, and made the best of a beautiful, yet really freaking hot, day! It was an amazing time filled with music, amazing crafts and vendors, and some tasty handmade treats! We may or may not have devoured a bag of Maggie’s Shortbread

at the booth
Braving the heat and have the best time!

We also gave away our first raffle prize! It featured a bit of sparkle, a bit of relaxation, and of course, a bit of beauty.

Will you be our next winner?!?
Will you be our next winner?!?

Then, last Saturday we were raffling of ANOTHER piece of jewellery, this one in support of getting a Buddy Bench for St John Paul II Elementary School.

garage prize3
Helping kids make friends? Is there anything jewellery can’t do?!?


Finally, THIS Saturday, June 11th, we’ll be at Heart Home and Handmade Indie Craft Fair. (Yes, we do have another prize give-a-way) This one is at the Bell Sensplex, 1565 Maple Grove Road, Ottawa. Come visit us from 10am to 4pm, and enter for your chance to win!

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Turning Toxic Water into Gold

Looking to turn lead into gold?

Ok, we haven’t gone that far, but scientists have found bacteria that (sort of) makes gold!

Tiny bits of gold!

Gold chloride is a toxic byproduct of mining. Delftia acidovorans and Cupriavidus metallidurans are 2 species that have developed a resistance to the heavy metal toxin. They eat the toxic mix and poop out 24k gold.

Bio-lab/art piece “The Great Work of the Metal Lover" featuring gold producing bacteria
Bio-lab/art piece “The Great Work of the Metal Lover” featuring gold-producing bacteria

Is it going to change the gold market? Probably not, the toxic feed is still costly, and it’s not like artificially created gemstones have stopped the demand for naturally occurring stones. There is, however, talk of using the bacteria to help extract gold out of the mining waste, thereby reducing or eliminating the toxic byproduct, or even using the bacteria’s presence to test soil samples and find the best place for future mining.

gold bracelet
So we can make you more pretty things like this!

All in all, it’s a pretty cool discovery with positive environmental application potential, and a little extra shimmer.

Looking for your own bit of gold? Visit us here, or invite us over for your very own Fabulous Home Party!

Beach Bums: Goodies for your day at the beach!

I’ve been having some fun with the Etsy treasurys again!  Here’s a beach tote full of some great finds for your next trip to the seaside.


‘Beach bums’ by Drakestail

It’s the perfect time for a day at the beach. You’ll be perfectly outfitted for a day of fun in the sun with these great finds, so dig those toes in the sand and let the waves wash over.

1980’s Blue & White Bark…


Sanddollar Earrings Ocean Ea…


Blue Turtle Print, Printable…


Summer Beach Bag, Navy Blue …


Hand Stamped Beach Necklace …


Blue Pin Up Retro Highwaiste…


Spa Towel Wrap Set of 2 Towe…


BEACH Decor Pillows.ALL SIZE…


SALE – Turquoise Chiffon Bea…


Set of 2 Nautical Anchor Hoo…


SALE!! Beach Glass and Curve…


Womens Floppy Black Striped …


Shell Mason Jar Candle – Bea…


Blue Turquoise Crochet Baref…


Beach Art, Beach Sign, Beach…


Nautical Sailboat Skirt – Ch…


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Pantone 2015 Colour of the Year: Marsala

The Pantone Colour Institute is *the* name in colour trends. They produce gorgeous palettes in the spring and fall, and come out with a colour of the year for each year, drawn from the spring palette.  This colour ends up appearing just about everywhere, from fashion to paint and home decor.

Pantone Color Institute Marsala

Named after the fortified wine, Marsala is the 2015 colour of the year. It’s a deliciously earthy red. My favourite colour is red and I’m excited to see this colour as it makes its appearance in stores and on the runways.

True reds are hard to come by in gemstones. Dark carnelians come close to this colour, with their deep and earthy orangey reds. Poppy jasper is a brick red colour with small streaks of black and grey. Garnets are another great choice, often occurring with warm red tones. Tourmaline can also come in a deep warm red.

Of course, the colour is popping up already in a variety of products. I’ve put together a warm and earthy treasury from some of the loveliest items I could find in Marsala. I can’t wait to get a lip colour in Marsala. Where are you looking forward to seeing this colour pop up?

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