Welcome to Drakestail Jewellery!

Drakestail is an old French folk tale (Bout-d’-Canard is the original title) about an undersized duck who becomes king through determination and smarts. When Roxanne and Robyn were deciding on a company name they came across this story and found it sweet, simple and also inspiring, how you can accomplish a great deal from humble beginnings. The lesson is quite simply to keep going after what you want, despite obstacles that may try to get in your way, be smart in your actions and you can accomplish even more than you set out to.

Our Mission

Creating quality jewellery that is fun, versatile, and feels fabulously YOU.

Company Overview

Roxanne Lebeau, Robyn Pacey and Trisha Williams are the creative team behind Drakestail Jewellery.

When Roxy and Robyn signed up for a jewellery-making class in 2006, we never imagined we’d be selling our work worldwide! However, in 2008, we did exactly that, launching Drakestail Jewellery at a small local fair. Following that success, we’ve participated in numerous fairs and markets, and launched our Etsy shop to reach a much wider audience.

Fast forward to 2015, Trisha joined the team as our third jewellery designer. We’re thrilled to be a trio, and we love bringing our unique styles together into our shop.

Drakestail Jewellery is a 100% women-owned business. It’s important to us to be inclusive, and we promote body positivity for all people. We will happily work with clients of any gender, orientation, colour, or culture to help them feel fabulous in our jewellery.

Roxanne, Robyn and Trisha feel it is important to contribute to their communities. We have been happy to donate pieces for raffle or auction fundraisers. Over the last few years, Drakestail has donated to several charitable organizations, most notably The Clothesline Project and Engineers Without Borders.

Contact us at info@drakestail.com, we’d love to hear from you!