Welcome to Drakestail Jewellery!

Drakestail is an old French folk tale (Bout-d’-Canard is the original title) about an undersized duck who becomes king through determination and smarts. When Roxanne and Robyn were deciding on a company name they came across this story and found it sweet, simple and also inspiring, how you can accomplish a great deal from meager beginnings. The lesson is quite simply to keep going after what you want, despite obstacles that may try to get in your way, be smart in your actions and you can accomplish even more than you set out to.

Our Mission

Helping you define your personal style & feel fabulous!

Company Overview

Roxanne Lebeau, Robyn Pacey (Olm) and Trisha Williams are the creative team behind Drakestail Jewellery.

Roxanne is an Ottawa native who now lives in Winnipeg after spending 4 years in Edmonton. She hopes to one day be able to say she’s lived in every province and territory in Canada. She enjoys working with a variety of materials but is particularly fond of pearls and mid-century inspired pieces. She is a big fan of all things pinup.  When not working or making jewellery, Roxanne enjoys volunteering in her community, traveling, scuba diving, gardening, reading, growing her record collection and spending time with friends, family, her cat and her dog.

Robyn is a BC girl who transplanted to Ottawa. She began crafting at an early age, gluing, colouring, and covering in glitter anything she could get her hands on.  She got her start in jewellery as a tween, making earrings from Friendly Plastic and selling them in a local hair salon.  She has also dabbled in cross-stitch, sewing and photography.  Ultimately, her love of gemstones and shiny things brought her back to jewellery-making.  When not designing jewellery, Robyn spends time with her family, garden, books, and her two rambunctious dogs.  She also loves yoga, cooking, and anything chocolate.

Trish started life in New Brunswick, but has lived in Ottawa for pretty much ever. She loves pearls, rounds, and anything that sparkles. She believes that tiny things can make all the difference in your day, and that everyone needs something to look forward to and get excited about. When not making jewellery, she bakes, chases the kids, and tries to find a bit of peace and quiet.

Our creative journey began in 2006. Inspired by the desire to have custom-designed jewellery, we took a class in basic jewellery-making techniques. We sought out interesting beads and findings to work with, focusing on gemstones, pearls and natural materials. Ultimately, we found the creative design process as rewarding as the jewellery itself. Friends and family began requesting specialty items. Encouraged by the popularity of our work, we began selling in 2008, beginning with a small local fair in downtown Ottawa. Since then, Drakestail Jewellery expanded to participate in several shows each year.

In 2015 Roxanne & Robyn decided to invite Trisha Williams to join the company as a third jewellery designer. Trish is extremely creative and we are so happy to have her on board!

Living in different cities, we’ve been focused on growing Drakestail’s online presence. We now have a blog and an ETSY store, and we’re also active on Facebook, Twitter, Intagram and Pinterest! This means our unique handmade designs can be found year-round around the world. We’re quite excited to be able to share our creativity with such a vast audience.

We think jewellery should be fun, versatile, and unique wearable art. We are committed to creating pieces that are carefully and thoughtfully handcrafted. We work with a variety of materials, from sparkling glass, crystal and gemstones to earthy bone, wood and stone. Our work uses a blend of stringing and wire-wrapping techniques.

Roxanne, Robyn and Trisha feel it is important to contribute to their communities. We have been happy to donate pieces for raffle or auction fundraisers. Over the last few years, Drakestail has donated to several charitable organizations, most notably The Clothesline Project and Engineers Without Borders.

We are available for commissioned items – please email us info@drakestail.com and we will help create a special piece just for you!

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