I love to toy with the website Polyvore from time to time.  It’s a fun repository of fashion, home items, and accessories, and I could spend hours just flipping through to see what’s there. Each of us created a new piece of peridot jewellery for the August newsletter, so I thought I would have fun with them and create some matching outfits!

Peridot and pearl necklace

If you know us at all, you know we have a serious love affair with pearls.  This first set is built around a two-strand necklace with tiny peridots and butter yellow pearls.  Wanting a classic look, I went with an a-line polka dot dress that would make the peridot pop, and then accessorized in the sunny butter yellow that matched the pearls.  Top it off with a fun fascinator and some cat’s eye sunglasses, and you have a perfect look for an afternoon out or a fun date! Pearl and Peridot necklace inspired outfit

Peridot Swirl Necklace

The second set is built around a funky necklace with three short twists of peridot set into a silver chain.  One of the first pieces I found was the skirt, and I loved the geometric pattern at the bottom.  I thought it matched perfectly.  From there, the rest just fell into place, and I ended up with a spectacular outfit that would be great by day with a jacket, and great for cocktails without.I’m always a big fan of versatility, and this definitely fits the bill.Twisted peridot necklace inspired outfit

Long peridot drop earrings with iolite briolettes

The third set is built around a pair of long drop earrings with tiny faceted peridots and a pair of tiny faceted iolite briolettes.I went a different route with this set, after finding the dress, which includes both greens, to match the peridots, and blues, to go with the iolite briolettes.  I thought I would accessorize with the pale indigo blue of the iolites, and bring out the green with a little green shrug.  This ultra-feminine outfit would be perfect for a brunch, tea, or some warm-weather window shopping.
Peridot and Iolite earring set

Which collection is your favourite?  How would you wear our jewellery?  We’d love to get your opinion!

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