Inspiration can come from anything. Mostly, I like to stare at my beads and stones until something clicks! Then too many things click and I have a list of projects to last for days.
Last week it all came to me in a pile of pinks and roses!

Wear one, or ALL AT ONCE!

I’ve had the rose quartz for about a month, and the ceramic rose beads for almost a week. Then Robyn came calling and it was creation time, and well, everything struck right!

Now we have a fabulous little Pretty in Pink set. A combination of Rose Quartz, Crystal, Ceramic and Agate beads. They’re simple, classic and sweet. They make me think of garden parties, tea cups and petticoats!

So many pinks!

Now I’m thinking i want to do more sets like this! Changing some stones and configurations has really opened up the style flexibility while keeping the same feel.

Pop of colour

And some days you want your favourites, but simpler.

Classic single beads go with everything!

And these may have in turn inspired a couple kids pieces! Apparently there are some little girls out there who are *really* into pink shiny things.


Next is this raffle prize!

Enter to win!

We’re raffling this patriotic necklace away on Canada Day! Enter to win at Meadowbrook Park in Ottawa from 11am-2pm!

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