Month: December 2015

Last of the season!

We had our (for real this time) last show of the season on Saturday! Zaphod’s in Ottawa hosted the Bizarre Bazaar and it was fun!

We got into the holiday spirit with some twinkling lights

The lights were low, music was playing, everyone was relaxed and having a great time!

There were so many items you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else (and I don’t just mean us) There was vintage clothing, custom buttons, love maps, vinyl records turned into art, and our good friend Maiden Star.

One of our feature necklaces from the show. This glass and copper snake has a stunning shimmer, even in low light.

I danced in the booth, finished my Christmas shopping, met some new people and caught up with old friends. This was a very fun and relaxed show!


Are you sorry you missed it? Rumour has it that there will be another show February 13th. It’ll be just in time to remember about Valentine’s Day.

Need your Drakestail Jewellery fix before then? Never fear! We’re still booking Home Jewellery Parties! We’ll set up a boutique your place, you’ll invite some friends, and we’ll all have a fabulous time!

Earrings, bookmarks, necklaces... So many shiny last minute gifts!
Earrings, bookmarks, necklaces… So many shiny last minute gifts!

Until then, have a fabulous holiday season!

Just one more show!

This past Saturday we set up at Rideau High in Ottawa for their Crafts for Christmas fair!

Here we are again! Ready and excited for another show!
Here we are again! Ready and excited for another show!

There was a great variety of vendors and it was a wonderful fundraiser for the Rideau High Band!

A beautifully ringed thumbs up for the band!

Now, we thought this would be our last show of the season. But SURPRISE! We have one more Ottawa show left in us!

No snow? No problem! Just accessorize and be the flurries you want to see!

On Saturday, December 19th we will be at the Bizarre Bazaar pop up at Zaphod Beeblebrox, 27 York street in the Ottawa Market. We’re running 12pm to 5pm and the bar is open. There will be items and vendors you won’t find at anywhere else! Come do some last minute shopping without the craziness of the mall. It just might be the most relaxing 6-days-before-Christmas purchase you ever make!

And bring a donation for the Ottawa Food Bank, there will be a collection at the door.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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