I have had these moss agate beads since the early days.  They’re rice-shaped and a lovely mottled green and white.  Fun fact: moss agate is not actually an agate, but a kind of jasper that’s misnamed.  Either way, they’re a lovely mix of colours and good in earthy pieces.  I wanted to make a bracelet, since I haven’t made nearly as many as the necklaces and earrings I’ve done in the Challenge so far, and these moss agate beads seemed like the perfect candidates for the job.  Since they’re quite petite, I needed something to be a focal piece for the bracelet.  I chose a faceted agate (of unknown kind) bead that I got in a random grab bag.  It’s light green and white, with a deep burgundy stripe running across it.  It was a perfect match!

Moss agate bracelet with agate focal, by Drakestail Jewellery.  www.drakestail.com
100 Day Challenge: Day 77. Moss agate bracelet.

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