For today’s project, I wanted to use a great pendant that I’ve had hanging around for a few years.  I am usually very careful to write down the names of stones and track how much they cost me, but this one somehow got free of its label.  It is an agate of some kind, in a green that is somewhere between olive and moss.  There’s a great black matrix running through it that gives almost a snakeskin sort of pattern.  I chose to pair it with some black agate beads that have some cracks and lines in them, to match the pendant’s matrix.  Add in some hunter green seed beads and copper hardware, and the pendant really pops.  I love playing with multistrand designs and this piece definitely needed something to balance the size of the pendant, and I think this worked out nicely.

Copper accents brighten up a great green agate pendant, hunter green seed beads, and black agate beads.
100 Day Challenge: Day 54. Copper accents brighten up a great green agate pendant and black agate beads.

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