I love to see what other crafters make.  It’s inspiring to see what creative people come up with, how they execute it, and what niches and needs they fill.  I adore places like Pinterest, where I can collect images of anything that inspires me – fashion, home decor, crafts, and so on.  I also use it to save recipes that I actually plan to make, and often do.  It’s a source of great ideas.

Today’s project comes from a tutorial on Craftster.  I’m on their mailing list, and while the projects are not often about jewellery, this particular one was.  I love the fringe-y style of these earrings, and while I didn’t have parts to the exact specifications in the tutorial, I winged it with what I had and love how they turned out.  I will definitely make more of these, as they can be done in any colour, maybe with different bead types, and so on.  It seems like a great base design to have fun tweaking with!

The photo is a bit dark, unfortunately, but the gold rings and bright red glass beads are very bright and eye-catching.

100 Day Challenge: Day 28. Rhumba earrings in red and gold.
100 Day Challenge: Day 28. Rhumba earrings in red and gold.

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