Today’s project departs from the earthy magnesite and steers right into bling territory.  I got these chandelier components from the same online shop as the magnesite beads.  The loops are spaced quite close together, making me feel like some fairly small beads would hang best.  I chose 4mm Preciosa crystals, picking a bright, spring-inspired green.  The colour choice was deliberate…

I recently applied to a great juried show, the MAC Fair: BLOOM, and found out I was accepted.  Woo hoo!  They’ll be holding a raffle and these will be my donation.  The show has a spring theme, and is the day before Mother’s Day, so a cheerful, verdant green seemed perfect for the occasion.  Check out the details in the link above or in the calendar to the right, and come check out what will be a great event!

Green crystal chandelier earrings
Day 4: Green crystal chandelier earrings