Keeping with yesterday’s theme, I pulled out yet another length of chain and some more great blue beads, and made another chain and bead bracelet.  This time, I went a bit more funky – the beads are inset to one length of chain, and two more were added on.  The two extra lengths of chain are dotted with charms, for a much more funky look than yesterday’s bracelet.

I like how this one turned out.  I think the extra chain balances out the size of the beads, and the charms add some fun to the piece.  Pro tip: when photographing an item with lots of little fiddly parts, make sure they’re all facing the right way.  The cute little angel charm is upside down in this photo.  🙁  The little charm at the top of the photo says “made with love”, and has a little envelope with a heart in it on the other side.

100 Day Challenge: Day 7
100 Day Challenge: Day 7. A funkier chain bracelet, with blue beads and some interesting bead caps.

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