After making the magnesite necklace from yesterday, I had some beads left over.  Today I used those up and had enough to make a bracelet as well as a pair of earrings.  For the bracelet, I went with a magnetic clasp, since toggles are cute but can be hard to do up by yourself.  The earrings are trios of the turquoise-coloured magnesite, attached to a series of small rings.  The effect is that they hang in graduated heights, much like these pearl earrings (same design, different beads).

Also, the photo isn’t the greatest.  This is why it’s not ideal to shoot in extremely bright sunshine – the shadows can be distracting and the colour isn’t quite right.  Still, imagine the soft turquoise and creamy white of the necklace, and you’ll get the idea.  🙂

Day 3: Magnesite bracelet & earrings
Day 3: Magnesite bracelet & earrings

This bracelet is now available in our Etsy shop!

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