A few weeks back, before I started this Challenge, I was organizing some of my pendants.  I set one aside and put it on the edge of my bead mat, hoping that looking at it would spark some inspiration.  It’s a dainty little violet crystal teardrop with some lovely facets.  I picked it up at a local bead shop a couple of years ago with no real project in mind.  I wanted to give it a chance to shine without getting lost in a bigger design.

Today I hit on just the right thing.  I made a very simple little bail for my little purple teardrop (have I ever mentioned how much I don’t like making bails?  It’s one of my least favourite things to make).  Then I hung it from a silver-filled chain with some similar-coloured crystal bicones.  The effect is simple, cute, and I’m pleased with it.  What I’m not pleased with is the photo, because the colour is a bit washed out.  I’m looking forward to having the time to do a proper photo shoot with this necklace.

100 Day Challenge: Day 14
100 Day Challenge: Day 14. A petite purple pendant.

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