After making up yesterday’s hair pins, I was jazzed to do another project with pearls.  I went fishing through a bag (yep, not all of my beads even make it into organizers.  I’m working on it.) from the Gem Show last fall, and pulled out a massive strand of dark grey pearls.  Perfect!  And then I stared at them, and and stared at them, and just wasn’t coming up with the right project for them.  I thought about pairing them with some amethyst, pulled out some amethyst from the same show, and realized that the pearls would have to wait.  It was going to be an amethyst day.

I find that the things I wear most often are the simpler designs.  I decided to keep it simple with these amethyst teardrops, and let their deep colour and organic-feeling hand-faceted shape speak for themselves.  They’re matched with some gunmetal-hued glass seed beads, and a silver-filled lobster clasp.

100 Day Challenge: Day 12
100 Day Challenge: Day 12. Hand-faceted amethyst necklace.

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