I’m 10% of the way through this challenge already.  I’m enjoying it a lot, as it is making me take a closer look at my stash.  I have loads of gorgeous beads that deserve to be worn and shown off!  Including even more of the smoky quartz and rose quartz beads from the past two days.  🙂 (Don’t worry, tomorrow’s project will be something completely different.)

This necklace follows the same pattern as the bracelet, spacing groupings of beads with splashes of silver.  I love the three pieces as a completed set, and I’m quite pleased with how they’ve turned out.  I have quite a few of the smoky quartz beads left over but I’ll save those for a later project.  Tomorrow it’ll be time to mix it up and do something completely different.


100 Day Challenge: Day 10
100 Day Challenge: Day 10. Glittery necklace in faceted smoky quartz and rose quartz.

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