It’s tough when your friends move away, but life happens and there’s not much you can do about it except wish them well and Skype a lot.  Roxy & I keep in touch regularly through email, texting, and Skype, but it’s just not the same as getting together over sushi, or pushing our bead collections together to see what new ideas we can come up with. Lucky for me, Roxy’s back in Ottawa for a visit, and despite her packed schedule with friends and family, we’ve carved out some time to socialize and make some jewellery!  We’ve had a lot of catching up to do: she’s finally gotten to meet my daughter, and we have had a lot to chat about.  We’ve even found time to work on Drakestail, both the (boring) business side and the creative side.  We’re collaborating on a fantastic bridal commission that is having us think well outside our usual fare, and it’s been a wonderful challenge that is turning out even better than we’d imagined.  Photos will be forthcoming, as soon as our client has them in hand.  We can’t spoil the reveal for her!

Roxy shopping for a special order
Shopping with Roxy for our special order


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