Month: September 2013

Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery promotional poster

We’ve teamed up yet again with Dano Tanaka Illustrator to create this fantastic promotional poster for our brand new Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery line.

Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery
Our brand new Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery poster.

We’re extremely proud of our new line, and are excited to launch exclusively at The Foxy Shoppe this Saturday, September 28th.  Will you be in the Winnipeg area?  Visit The Foxy Shoppe for their special fall launch event, featuring their new fall fashions, along with Whipped Cosmetics and The Polished Pinup Parlour, and of course, us!

A peridot custom jewellery order

photoWe often are contacted with custom order requests and we enjoy the process immensely. Of course we love designing pieces just for fun but working with a client, interpreting their vision, and designing something special just for them, is a lot of fun too.

Most of the time, requests for custom orders are for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or a special birthday. Recently I was contacted to design a different kind of custom order and I wanted to share that story with you.

A little less than a year ago, my very good friend lost her mother to cancer. Only a short 8 weeks after her initial diagnosis, she passed. It all happened so quickly. Michelle has spent the last year dealing with the loss of her mom, feeling roller coasters of emotions I can only begin to understand and for some reason, through all that, she’s been a huge support to me, always there to listen and offer an ear when I’ve had a bad day. My bad days are nothing compared to what hers have been, but there she always is.

I’m always honoured when people choose me to design their custom jewellery. It’s a significant thing to be involved in something that is so sentimental to our clients but this was my first request from a close friend, and my only request for something of this nature. A commemorative necklace, for Michelle and her Baba (grand-mother), in honour of her mother.

Michelle and I (over emails, because she lives in Halifax) talked about design details, what stones to incorporate and sizing required. When the pieces were complete I shipped them out, one to Halifax for Michelle and one here locally in Edmonton for her Baba.

I cried when we discussed the design, I cried while I was making the necklaces and I cried when I put them in the mail. They’ve become quite precious to me, as I hope they are for Michelle and Mrs Kolada.

Thanks for indulging me by reading this blog post.



Ottawa Gem Show

I attended the Ottawa Gem Show this past Saturday, and had an amazing time.  I go every year (except last year, when I was busy getting married!), and I always have a blast.  I will freely admit to being a bit of a rock geek.  I love seeing all the mineral specimens and gorgeous crystal samples on display and for sale.  There are activities for the kids, as well as demonstrations such as cabbing faceting.

As always, it was a packed house.  I met up with my friend Carolyn from Maiden Star, and we navigated the show together.  We oohed and ahhed over displays and hunted through bins for perfect mineral samples and strands of gems.

Ottawa Gem Show
Some of the great displays at the Ottawa Gem Show

There was a lot to see, and of course lots of shopping to do!  I came away with a good haul, and it took an enormous amount of willpower to not take home more.

Ottawa Gem Show loot
I’ll have a lot of fun working with all these goodies!

I also had fun trying my hand at picking out a geode.  The Grenville Minerals booth had bins of rocks that were unopened geodes.  I selected one, and he cracked it open.  Here’s what I got:

Setting up my rock in the rock-splitting thingamajig, and voila, a sparkly geode!


Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery at The Foxy Shoppe!

Vintage Inspired Pink Set
Vintage-inspired necklace, bracelet, and earrings in Rosaline Swarovski Pearls

Robyn and I are very happy to officially announce that, as of next week, our new vintage inspired line, Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery, will be available at The Foxy Shoppe in Winnipeg, Manitoba!

This is the first time our jewellery is available in a physical store and we couldn’t be happier. The Foxy Shoppe is an upscale pin-up/retro boutique and we feel our vintage inspired line will fit right in there.

The Foxy Shoppe has some exciting new Fall inventory coming at the end of September and is taking this opportunity to announce new partnerships with The Polished Pinup Parlour, Whipped Cosmetics, Dano Tanaka Illustrator as well as with us, Drakestail Jewellery!

So if you are in Winnipeg on September 28th or can get there, please come by and visit all these great local businesses. See the event poster below for details.


Upcoming fun: The Ottawa Gem Show

The Ottawa Gem Show is coming up on September 21st and 22nd, and I’m super excited!  Ever since we discovered it, I’ve been going, both to ogle all the gorgeous gems, beads, jewellery, and other goodies, and to do some serious shopping.  Roxy has already put in a request for me to load her up on new supplies at the show as well! I missed out last year (I got married that weekend, woo hoo!), but I’ll definitely be going this year.

The show is put on by the Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club, and features anything that a magpie like me could want.  There’s a lot of gem and mineral samples, crystals, cut stones and beads, and fossils.  In addition, there are jewellers, carved stone items and art.  Club members do demonstrations of stone cutting and faceting, and are always willing to share their knowledge.  They will even identify stones if you bring them with you.

Expect lots of photos of pretty gems and other goodies.  The show is open to the public, so if you’re in the Ottawa area, go take a look!


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