Month: August 2013

High-tech jewellery: video screen earrings

Both of us at Drakestail Jewellery are extremely proud of the work we do.  One thing we don’t delve into, however, is high-tech.  If I have a phone-glitch-free day, I’m pleased. For those who enjoy a bit more tech with their jewellery, there’s a great link over at the Mary Sue about a company that’s trying to get some video screen earrings made, via Indiegogo.  Photos and videos can be transferred onto the earrings via a USB cable, and you can play slide shows, movies, and videos on the earrings! For myself, if I got a pair I’d love to play musicals, so I’d have a soundtrack to groove to through the day.  What would you play on your video screen earrings?

The video screen earrings in action!
The video screen earrings in action! What would you play on yours? (image source: Indiegogo)

Pearls and crystals

We’re both very excited about our upcoming vintage line. We can’t give anything away just yet, but we’ve placed a big order for our components and are eagerly awaiting their arrival.  I don’t know about you, but the time between clicking the “buy” button and when your goodies arrive at the door just seems to take AGES.

Pearls and Crystals
New hair accessories and a pair of earrings, all with sparkly pearls and crystals

As you may have seen on Twitter, I’ve been playing around with making hair accessories.  I recently bought some pearls and crystals in a wide variety of colours, and started playing with blinged-up hair elastics and clips.  How do you like to add colour to your hair?  Comment below, or visit our Facebook page to place your vote!

On the Horizon

Robyn and I have been working behind the scenes over the last couple of months to develop a new line of jewellery for our customers and we are very excited to let you know today that the product line – Vintage by Drakestail Jewellery – will be launching this Fall!

I’ve long had a dream of making a high quality, yet affordable, line of vintage inspired jewellery. Classic and stylish pieces that are suitable for the office, a dinner party or a formal event. After looking through mid-century photographs and old Hollywood movies for months, I finally decided to discuss the possibility with Robyn. We’d both been busy with our lives outside of Drakestail and I wasn’t sure it was the right time to add more to our plates but something in me also felt ‘it’s now or never’.

Robyn was as excited about it as I was and we started discussing design possibilities, business planning and logistics, which is of course necessary but now, we are ready to start creating our new line and we couldn’t be happier.

I can’t give you an exact date for the release yet but the line will be launched this Fall with select retailers so please stay tuned to our site for more details!


Contest winner is Joshua Murray!

We would like to thank everyone who entered our contest. It was a lot of fun for Robyn and I to celebrate our milestone with those who made it possible.

Joshua Murray is our contest winner. We used the rafflecopter ‘pick a winner’ feature to ensure fairness. We hope you will keep with us as we have lots of exciting things happening for our company this Fall and we will definitely be hosting more contests in the future!

Congratulations Joshua!


Gift Certificate

The Cheapside Hoard

Oh, to be in London this fall.  Starting in October, the Museum of London will be showcasing the Cheapside Hoard.  This stash of almost 500 pieces of 17th Century jewellery was a goldsmith’s stock.  It was found in 1912, excavated by workers in a London cellar.  Among the items in the Hoard are necklaces, brooches, chains, cameos, scent bottles, fan holders, and loose gemstones.  I wish I found such gorgeous things when I did my renovations.

Cheapside Hoard Emerald Watch
This watch was carved from a solid emerald that was originally the size of an apple. Spectacular!


Reference: The Guardian

Photo shoot!

We are a day late with our regular Wednesday blog post this week, but we are sure you will agree it was worth the wait!

In studio photo by Dano Tanaka.

We were thrilled to sponsor a photography session with Dano Tanaka Illustrator this week.

Of course, we love how our jewellery looks in studio shoots, as pictured here, but sometimes it’s fun to change things up and see how they would look in a different setting and on an actual person!

Shot at Dano Tanaka Illustrator studio in Winnipeg Manitoba.

I paired this stunning dragonskin jade pendant with base metal dragonfly beads and translucent tree agate rounds that vary in colour from smokey white to dark forest green.

We are very happy with how this shoot turned out. The landscape really sets off the colour of the dragonskin jade stone.




These earthy stones and dragonflies photographed in a natural background in warm neutral colours really give this necklace a different feel from the studio shot. It is amazing to work with such a talented photographer who really understands a client’s vision, and brings it to life!

Drakestail Jewellery Photo Shoot
Our Dragonskin necklace was featured in a professional photo shoot by Dano Tanaka.

Please don’t forget about our giveaway contest. See our blog post from August 6th and enter to win a gift certificate to our ETSY Shop! Contest closes on August 19th, 2013.


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