Month: June 2012

Extreme Vintage: Ancient Jewellery

I love vintage shops, and I definitely have a taste for fashion from bygone days.  What’s not to love about a classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” cocktail dress or a sleek cloche hat? Vintage jewellery can be particularly fun- people have been making and wearing necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other adornments for years. Centuries. Thousands of years. But would you believe a hundred thousand years?

That’s right, archaeologists have found beads dating back 100,000 years.  The beads are small shells, and were excavated frome a site in Israel.  The find shows some interesting insight into ancient human culture and our ever-present desire to adorn ourselves with the beauty of nature.


World's oldest bead.  Image courtesy
World’s oldest bead. Image courtesy

Orleans Festival – UPDATE

Hi, all,

The first two days of Orleans Festival have been great so far, with lots of food, music, art and artisans and a great atmosphere. Due to the bad weather, we’ve been moved inside. Feel like coming by to say hello? We’ll be on the lower level of the Shenkman Arts Centre, in front of the bar area. We’re there from 9-3 today, so come by and enjoy some local culture!

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