Have a fabulous Friday!

Have a fabulous Friday!


Have a lovely, fabulous Friday!

Wishing you lots of love this Valentine’s Day eve. :)


Have a happy, fabulous Friday!

You are always responsible for your own happiness. Be bold, and search for it everywhere, including inside yourself.


Have a fabulous Friday!

A kiss is still a kiss… have a fabulous Friday!


A cozy night in – Valentine’s Day guide

Valentine’s day is drawing near, and many couples will soon be planning how to celebrate. It’s easy to go overboard when one wants to spoil the one they love, so we’ve put together a gift guide for a romantic night in that kicks up the romance without breaking the bank.

1. Have a romantic dinner

As fun as it is to go out for a fancy Valentine’s dinner, with a little planning you can create a perfectly romantic meal chez vous.  Start with a sexy fig, prosciutto and mozzarella salad. Next try some Arctic char and vegetables cooked in heart-shaped parchment paper.  Don’t forget to finish off with some homemade chocolate truffles!

Dairy-free chocolate truffles. Photo courtesy www.jamieoliver.com

Dairy-free chocolate truffles. Photo courtesy http://www.jamieoliver.com/caption

2. Movie time

Cuddle together on the couch and watch your favourite romantic movie together.  Don’t have a popcorn popper?  Do it on your stovetop instead!  Pick your favourite romantic movie, or choose from a list, such as this list of the top 100 best romantic movies of all time.  Then cozy up under a warm blanket together and enjoy.

[caption id="attachment_2004" align="aligncenter" width="515"]Love You More throw blanket Love You More throw blanket. Perfect for snuggling during a movie.


3. A cozy soak for two

After the credits roll, get even cozier with a bath for two.  Light some candles to set the atmosphere.  Add in some bath salts, like these Super Spicy Chai Bath Salts, and soak and relax together.  Once your fingers and toes are sufficiently wrinkly, towel off with some extra fluffy towels.  Bonus points if they are still warm from the dryer.

Gorgeous emerald clawfoot tub. Image courtesy www.fastighetsbyran.se

Gorgeous emerald clawfoot tub. Image courtesy http://www.fastighetsbyran.se/caption


4. Stargazing
If you have a clear night on Valentine’s you can step outside with your “sun and stars” and look up at the vast night sky together.  Grab a star guide, wrap yourselves up in a cozy blanket, and maybe even a telescope. Bonus points: bring some music and dance together under the stars.

[caption id="attachment_2005" align="aligncenter" width="450"]The Stargazers, by Kirsten Bailey The Stargazers, by Kirsten Bailey

Have a fabulous Friday!

Wishing you all the success you can dream of.  Have a fabulous Friday!
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